What’s Up April!


One rowdy and brilliant month was just done and heck! I have to admit 2016 is off to becoming one of my most favorite years of them all! i cannot wait to get into more madness within the year and I know some bits will be madness beyond reason! Hahaha!

Anyway, I opt to write this one to give you guys teasers as to what will happen this April! This also includes the advisories for Love for 10969 and Kouryou. I will be modifying Kouryou once i get some clearances for it. Must do proper protocols on things like this.

For Love for 10969:Β We will be off to introducing fan stories for you lot from across the world. I know we’ved focused mostly in Manila for some bits of it because of the ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila concert. However, Jillanie and I strove hard andΒ gotten some of the most interesting and inspiring ONE OK ROCK fan stories worldwide! I cannot believe we even hit areas like the Middle East… and of course, Japan! Nothing stops ONE OK ROCK and for us, nothing stops us from bringing you guys these stories!!! Admittedly we are quite full for two months for this beautiful place!

For Kouryou: Will be adding some stories about my last project. Nothing more to say about that, save you wait XD

For Autumn Sky:

  • Will finally pick up #CDsNotDead coz last month was one busy and crazy one! I will just review my notes then write that one off. Though I am lamenting on adding some bits from my last purchase.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura will make an appearance here as i gotten the 20th Anniversary Photobook. I am just waiting for its arrival ^^v
  • ONE OK ROCK will yet again make a clear appearance in my blog (When will they not considering all the madness the band is launching to its fans?) with the 35XXXV Japan Tour Film and Documentary! I will also do another site review for this ^^v
  • Final Fantasy XV… YESSSS! When my internet decides to be good to me, I will be reviewing the demo Platinum Demo T_T I cannot wait for September 30!!!
  • PCD anyone? Lol, yep, I’m doing another one and its going to be epic! And no, its not ONE OK ROCK. But this band did come from the same agency as them.
  • Header changes XD Airin is still working on it but its going to be exciting!!!

What madness would add in this list? Who knows!!


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