Election Blues


I haven’t touched my blog for a while. Ay caramba! This Kami has been very busy due to the work she has. I have several reasons for being out of tune here in my beautiful blog but now is not the time to detail those reasons. I am not ready to detail it yet since I am working myself off to get that target! Hahaha! I am getting there :) I cannot wait to tell you guys what it is… though I do have quite a lot of backlog here *slumps in the corner*

Anyway, just a few hours ago, the Philippines decided who will take over the country for the next six years, as well as the legislative body that would support this new leadership. The partial and unofficial results are flowing in and its interesting to see that at least a huge majority of the electoral population had joined this elections. Many joined for the sake of change, while others had other interests for taking part in the elections. Regardless of what reasons they have, this year’s automated elections is one for the books.

I voted in my local precinct here in the province and I have to admit that my family is previously known in the local political scene here. But now, we did lie low, as far as my side of the family did. The lines were very long as well but it was a quick one since the system is orderly despite the discontent with the changing process.

Comment wise on the results, well, I have to admit the fact social media is the newest battleground is very true. The surveys reflected the impact of social media for one specific candidate but it wasn’t true for some of them. The youth also became very active here, but the “youth vote” isn’t true in my end. If there is, someone else would have flourished. The presidential polls have spoken and pretty much, I do wonder what will happen to this country in the next six years. While sure, we all want a new face to actually lead this country and not some person with a long history on being with a political family or so, it is a question if this one can lead. I have a wait and see attitude for all this. The VP race, from the time of this post, is still uncertain given the close numbers, but I do hope the final numbers for this one will reveal something good. Can’t say much for Senatoriables and the Congress but I just hope they finally pass the Freedom of Information Bill since that has long been a problem in this country… AND FIX OUR INTERNET CONNECTION! COME ON PEOPLE! WE NEED INTERNET FOR PROGRESS!


Is the Philippines heading to a state of disarray or is it really going to change? Who knows indeed. Let us wait and see.


PS. Some posts coming your way. I’m a little free this week so I will run through my backlogs… so much backlog!!!

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