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a mask and a notebook


Yes, we’re back on air and Mei has tons of backlogs to fulfill but let’s take it in random order shall we because for one, I do like to mix things up like I always do! Hahaha! Good times, good times.

Anyway! Today’s entry is a little bit different because we’ll do a mini review! YAY! Mei loves doing reviews and help you guys out if you are after these items!

First off is this super cute grid notebook from Froovie. I actually won this by surprise in Yahoo Japan Auctions because this exclusive item was released in 2014 in light of the release of Rurouni Kenshin: Densetsu no Saigo-Hen. Aside from this notebook, Froovie and Sanrio also worked on a Hello Kitty plush version of both Kenshin and Shishio, key chains, clear file, memo pad and post it. I’m trying to win the plush next.
The back flap. This notebook has 60 pages only :( But filled with Shishio and Kenshin goodness
Closeup of the patterns and this cute Kenshin!
Finally for this update is this: Arax’s Pitta Mask! This is a face mask which can help you save yourself from 99% different types of pollen and other particles that can trigger your allergies in a heart beat.
Each pack has 3 pieces on them and you can actually reuse them. Though if you do wash them, do not use anything with acid or alkaline on it or it might deteriorate!

How does it look like?

I have to admit it is very comfy and not very irritating unlike other face masks I have tried before. It feels like a second skin and covers your nose and mouth properly. You also dont get irritated around the ears since the material is similar to the one in the face. It also doesn’t feel very iffy because of the material and even if i tried it for 30 minutes, I didn’t sweat at all unlike the common face masks you see around shops. Back in the past, I’d buy those white ones you buy in drug stores but I end up sweating a lot on it and my glasses fog up each time i try to talk or if the weather gets too hot.

I had gotten one because for one, I am the type of person who smells something weird and a few minutes later, becomes sick… and Taka of ONE OK ROCK does swear by these and I have to admit he’s right in this mark. You can get one in your favorite Japanese drugstore or in Amazon Japan for Y470 yen. It comes in white as well if you want a different color. Need to get me more of these! Hahaha! For those who have allergies, asthma and other medical ailments, best get this one for you. Its perfect for your face, and its a fashion item too!

What’s up in the next update? Hmm, guess! Hahaha!


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