June Blues

Konnichassu minna,

Ahh, May was a total bummer here isn’t it? To explain why, I have been very busy doing stuff… mostly adult-related ones which may bore you if I detailed that. Hahaha, but to give you a short story about it, I have opted to take tons of jobs for some stuff later this year and with 6 months down, someone has to make some magic! *Can’t believe the best concert in my life already is 5 months in counting… WHY!*

Anyway, to give you an idea as to what backlog I have… here is the full list so far:

  • 35xxxv Japan Tour Documentary
  • HMV Japan Review Guide
  • Amazon Japan Review Guide
  • #CDisNotDead
  • Something Metal
  • 10 years ago
  • Mei’s Baguio Trip + Cake Chronicles
  • Another Review
  • Shop Review
  • Mei says…

Ahhh so many things to dooooo and a little vague on some of them for some good reason. Nevertheless, Kami needs to do a kage bunshin. I’ll be announcing some changes here in the next coming months for both Autumn Sky and Love for 10969. I think you guys will enjoy that very much because there’s a prize in store! YAY!

For now… here is the siggy which will clearly say what i’ll be posting first.


Interesting isn’t it? I must admit this reminds me of an old photo of me… albeit this one is way cooler. I like to thank my sponsors, JINS PC and Pitta Mask XDDD Some madness coming your way in a few!!!





PS. Love the new siggy? My dearest sketch artist showed this specific font to me for a special something I am preparing this coming month. In all fairness… this reminded me of my own cursive writing! Hahaha! I also thank Marty for the image photo of ONE OK ROCK ^^b

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