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Review: The Candy Shop Prints


Yes yes, we’re in a roll but Mei still needs to do some proper scheduling or else I’d make you guys bored with this place. That should not happen!!

Anyway, this update is very special one and you can even see this as a potential gift option for your family, friends and colleagues!


For as long as i can remember, I’ved collected stationery sets since I started having allowance from school. I dunno how it started, but I would buy sets which i like then keep it. Some of these collections all faded out already and others were unluckily included in some of my school projects. I still kept some of the pieces I had but, I did stop collecting until I found myself in a sumikko guraishi letter set addiction a few months ago. HAHAHA!

When I would use these stationery for personal use, I would often say random things to my recipients and then forget it after. I would pick the best ones from my sets then sent them to their recipients. However, the idea of getting a personalized stationery which already has my name and preferred design has been in my mind too.

While thinking what to give to some friends of mine with a personal touch, I found this place!

The Candy Shop Print!!!
The Candy Shop Print!!!

The Candy Shop Prints offers personalized prints from memo cards, envelopes to gift or sticker labels. You are given the option to select your fonts, your design/background preference, and what type of personalized print you want. It took me a while to decide if I would go for their service but heck, best decision ever!

Once I decided on what I wanted, Pat, the owner of the shop, responded fast when I sent my order form to them. You have the option to pay via paypal, credit card, money transfer or bank (Unionbank and BPI) and once done, she’ll send in proofs of how your order would look like.

Its great to know that the shop will wait for your approval before they print. I had to change several things with my order and they gladly do it. After a few days, I got the notice that they shipped my stuff out and I got it just in time ^^

Cool washi XD

My order!!! YAY!

My personal notecards!

Here’s the first notecard!

This is actually their double sided notecards. You get at least 24 cards and 24 envelopes and they come in various designs. i picked this one because of the mandalas XD

Closeup of the back. It is really high quality print!

Close up of the front. I need a good pen

Heres my special request XD

Back and front

Its made in the same material as the double sided series

Here’s the back. I may need to make a different cover in the back in my next order

Here’s the last one. You can get special gift tags as well with various designs. You can modify them if you want to use it on your books or for gifts. This specific gift tag is from the Kids series.

It is also made with the same high-grade paper and nice printing too! No splotches and anything!


Who would like to see these cards up close? Lemme know if you want one so I can send one ^^v Its a definitely a must have to get these personalized stationery for many occasions! I’d definitely be ordering again for Christmas Pat!

And since today is a special day for my dad and to my very quirky friend since September 2015 Kim, happy happy birthday!

More reviews and backlogs to come in a few days!


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