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Wow… I’ved been neglecting my beautiful blog for the past couple of months. X_X I have to admit this August has got to be one of the busiest month I ever have this year with January 2016 being the busiest. Though things may change in the next few days since its September season! YAY!

I’ved been mostly busy this August because my sister, whom I haven’t seen for pretty much four years already since she got married in 2012, and her family arrived from the US and we had two weeks worth of trips out and bonding spiels. I’d be spamming this place once the other thing that has been eating me is done and the results are in. Seeing my sister personally again after all those years was quite something and seeing her go was indeed hard. Though there is always social media and Facetime, nothing really beats seeing someone you love personally. My niece was also quite grown up already! Although her English is pretty much slang, we did speak to her in our local language. Haha, my brothers and I would zone out a few minutes but with some concentration – which I lacked due to something – I did get to bond well with my little boo.

For this entry, I guess i owe you guys this much so I’ll post some stuff I have gotten. We’ll do the posts in random order this time so I can do some mix and mashing. I do remember I still have loads of backlog which dates back since March *where has the months gone by!*

This week, I received several packages which all came from the Land of the Rising Sun * soon my homeland soon!* and despite the wait, its really cool to finally have them. Check the photos below for my comments on them!

First off are these cool washi tapes from Capcom X B Side Label featuring Sengoku Basara and Monster hunter. I’ved been after these tapes since they sell out like pancakes. Preparing for my next hobonichi since I forgot my starbucks planner XDD

Felyne in various costumes!

Basara characters. You get two 50mm washis per pack.

Next up is this bag organizer by Lihit Lab. Actually saw one in my good friend and Japanese pen store @dolceonline but when I asked, they didn’t have a date for preorders so I got one for my Japan pack.

Close up of the tag. You can put almost anything in this with the largest at A4 size.

This is the organizer! You can put in your A4 documents inside it. I have yet to try if this will fit my Kipling bag but if not, my DA back will love this thing.

Hehehe, this one is self explanatory! This one came from my Japanese friend Kaori, whom I got introduced to by my little snowflake. She got me some merch from Metrock in Tokyo when the band released new merch in light of the show and it finally arrived now. Hehe, this is a note from her. I can’t wait to see her soon in Nagisaen!

And the merch is right here. I got the new muffler for the 2016 leg and the 2016 shirt version B. The band also released a 2016 baller and the Version C shirts but i didn’t get one XD I did get loads from the Nagisaen merch

That sums up this day’s entry! The big announcements will be on September for both here and Love for 10969. I still have to sort out what on earth I’ll do with Kouryou but we’ll see. Though I may indeed just make that a portfolio of all my works. We will see if i don’t get buried in work.


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