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When I was 25


This will be one interesting entry as I will try my best to list down what I did when I was 25. You’ll like this I assure you guys.

When I was 25, I…

  1. … met the band that got me all tongue tied when I saw them
  2. … had my first live experience in SM Mall of Asia for ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila
  3. … got told they cried when they read my blog entries for said live
  4. … gotten my third print feature in PULP Magazine in March and second online feature
  5. … found myself in loads of backlog heap before my next live experience
  6. … had my second live experience in SMX Convention Center for FLOW Live in Manila
  7. … made Love for 10969 grow as it is and is celebrating an anniversary soon
  8. … made a lot of penpals because of ONE OK ROCK
  9. … enjoyed some time with my sister, in-law and niece whom I haven’t seen for 4 years
  10. … ended up cursing when ONE OK ROCK announced a Japanese live on September
  11. … applied for my Japanese visa a week before the said live, my first application for years
  12. … laughed like a maniac and teared when I found out I was indeed going two days after applying
  13. … done my first solo trip out of the country and its in Japan
  14. … visited Nagoya Castle and blended like a local
  15. … experienced my first Japanese live in double dosage
  16. … found a bigger family in Japan coz of the said live
  17. … gotten lost in platforms in Japan, though luckily I found myself alternate routes in the process
  18. … rode my first Shinkansen ride from Nagoya to Toyohashi
  19. … realized Vans shoes and my feet never go well in long walks
  20. … travelled a distance from Nagoya to Tokyo via Shinkansen
  21. … walked in Asakusa to Sumida even though I had low batteries and I had no idea where Sumida is
  22. … visited and prayed in my first visited Japanese shrine
  23. … Got my fortune told in an Omikuji
  24. … asked to take a photograph of a couple who thought I was a local
  25. … did my first moderated tour around Asakusa through Facebook Video call
  26. … almost gotten lost looking for Hachiko because of construction obstacles
  27. … said hello to a Moai in Shibuya
  28. … experienced my first Japanese McDo
  29. … had kakigoori even though it was raining in Harajuku
  30. … found myself lost in a different world when I was in Meiji Shrine
  31. … got told by a Filipino I wasn’t a foreigner with the way I spoke in Japanese
  32. … walked around 5 areas in one day
  33. … stumbled on three shrines which wasn’t really in my list of places to visit
  34. … had my first experience with Japanese street food… I love that Karaage
  35. … experienced an odd question when a stall owner in Nakamise asked me if I lived in Japan to which I replied no
  36. … enjoyed speaking to a Japanese friend whom I met via another friend while in one of Narita’s newest airports
  37. … found herself knocked out from the 6 day Japan trip the following day
  38. … feels like she’s being hunted again for a special post due to her 6 day stay in Japan
  39. … amusingly writing this before a special day
  40. I think I have listed things quite well don’t you think? Today is indeed a special day and for me, I have indeed celebrated it early in Japan, but today is still my day and I wonder what exactly will I be doing next. Any wild guesses and suggestions everyone?


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