Startin Light


First off, let me be the first to say, welcome to the new home of Autumn Sky! As explained in my Facebook Page update a few days back, I had to switch hosts as the host for Autumn Sky is unreachable. As she has the code for the renewal of my one and only URL (Which was sort of a birthday present for me when I got it), I couldn’t renew Autumn Sky if I wanted to. Since I didn’t want to necessarily remove the title ‘Aki’ to the URL, I ended up with Akimitsu. I wanted Akishin since it had Kami written all over it but the domain was already taken. Akimitsu is also good too.

Fortunately, I was able to save all my files before the URL got disconnected and have everything moved to here. Unfortunately, I have to reorganize the featured photos and the like since this site theme I got for free has a weird size for the featured images (or maybe its because I use a Mac… haha, who knows). I’ll work on that when work isn’t piling like rabbits in my end. I will also be double checking the missing images since for some reason, it did not upload when I did backup this site to here. I’ll also be redoing the specials area so you guys can see the series posts here so you guys won’t hunt me for that XD

Anyway, with these things out of the way, I welcome you once again to the new blog and next up on the list? The second day for Mei-ed in Nippon, so watch out for it. You’ll probably see it next week coz I am currently ailing to be honest. Stupid stomach flu. Never drink chocolate tea when you feel completely bloated.


Yay for Comments!

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