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2016 Year Ender


Its the end of another year and boy oh boy, 2016 was a year of shockers which made it memorable in its own way. Political wise, it seems it will continue to be as weird as it is now with the United States to be under a very new leader in the incoming year. In the Philippines, we are still trying to get used to our elected President. There is also the continuous fighting in the Middle East (I hope resolution comes regarding this issue. Let’s pray for the affected countries) and even tensions here in the Asian front.

Before I make this a political blog – which I am trying to avoid for several reasons -, let’s focus on the main highlights of the year in my perspective because truly, I don’t think I will forget what 2016 brought me.

  • ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila (and by extension, Love for 10969) – This is definitely a big highlight of 2016. This is the first major live of a Japanese rock band in the country and I am proud to say I became a part of history in more ways than one. What started as a simple fandom, it turned into something even more. I met new friends, I met the band that rocked my world, and immortalised the event in print and online. I do have some regrets with the live considering the fact I missed that one and only shot to interview them and some other things. When they come back next year, I’ll be back with a vengeance and fulfil my promise to the ONE OK ROCK community that I will give them one heck of a flashback… and some extras!
  • FLOW Live in Manila – This has got to be my second live in the year and wow, it became one of the best times ever considering I got to watch this as a VIP and was close enough to one of the best guitarists I have seen! Kami-Take! I got the sense of the intimate lives Japanese bands to considering the small venue. Despite all the mishaps, this live was truly one of the best ever. Hope they come back soon!
  • Mei-ed in Nippon – A childhood dream fulfilled this was! I never really thought I will be able to wing a solo trip in a country that had a different language, culture and society than my own. But I did. I was able to squeeze my trip to its max and enjoyed being in the Land of the Rising Sun. Planning my next trip here soon… *Ahem April* and I will be checking out the other sites I missed coz I missed quite a lot! But i also discovered quite a lot of places by accident!
  • ONE OK ROCK SPECIAL LIVE IN NAGISAEN – From Manila to Japan, this fan went all out for one of ONE OK ROCK’s special live in Shizuoka and I must say, the experience is just awesome in so many levels. I have blogged about it already and even now, the feels are still there. As Taka have mentioned in the live, that live was special not just for them, but for us fans too even if the world feels like the music they are making are starting to shift.
  • The Calling Live in Manila – This is my fourth live this year (would have been five if I went for A1 Live in Manila) and despite not going to the A1 concert, I never regretted this one. Although I ended up in traffic and almost late for the concert, hearing my favorite songs when I was in high school and seeing Alex Band in the flesh is just surreal! Sure he might have forgotten some parts, he showed how much love he has for Manila. And he even read my thank you message T_T Still waiting for the album!
  • Final Fantasy XV – For 10 years, I have waited and it had been delayed still as it was originally announced for release on September 29 but they made it November 29. Nonetheless, the game is simply a game that deserves the wait. Sure there are some glitches here and there, but Square Enix is giving everything it has to correct the glitches even now. This game utterly destroyed my emotional control with the story and even now, i still struggle in two specific dungeons on the post-credits. I am waiting for the incoming festival patch and the other DLCs. I am patient, haha, I can wait. Oh Noctis! Why!!!
  • Palawan – Last trip of the year that needed a plane and something I did not expect to do. I was able to see the sites and all that. I did blog about it already so check that bit
  • Yuri on Ice! – I never thought I will fall in love with this anime when I watched it on the fourth episode. I was never into the Yaoi-ish craze but this! OMG! The story is just so good! Like one said online, there is a plot twist within a plot twist and you would never know what will come next! The music is also very good and it matches everyone. The series just ended a week ago and thankfully, there is a part 2! FIGHT YURI FIGHT!!! DAVAI!

Looking at this list above, most of them are lives. Hahaha! But yeah, it has indeed been live season in my case. Plans for next year? I have a couple in line. I won’t be making some new year’s resolution again. I will end up breaking it anyway so no no. But goals? Definitely.

I greet you all a Happy New Year! May 2017 be a crazy one like this one!


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