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Review: Takeru Satoh’s X[ten]


Well boys and girls, lets do some spamming here in my blog of some of my backlog! I will be doing some rehashing here in Akizora next year *ahem new layout* so I have to rearrange things… AGAIN!

Anyway, I’ll be showing you guys a sneak peek of Takeru Satoh’s X[ten], his special photobook to celebrate his 10th year in showbiz!

Some random trivia, this photobook was actually released in September this year. I ordered my copy sometime August before I gotten the lucky chance to be in Japan the following month. Interestingly, when it was released, I was in Japan and my copy was already in my Tenso address (forgotten I ordered for one and haven’t cancelled). I was only able to receive it now because I group shipped it with another purchase (next entry). I saw one when I was in Tower Records Shibuya too. Although I wanted to get it, the fact mine was already in my proxy address and I had luggage limits, I let it go. Though I am overwhelmed with the size.

Check out the photos below for some explanations and what not :)

With this post, I cannot wait for Primal Footmark 2017 to get into my hands. The very fact I’m there makes it special.

Takeru’s X[ten] Photobook! It is a very big photobook if you ask me but so precious!

This is the back cover when you haven’t unwrapped it. Its actually the back cover for the DVD

The DVD and Photobook. Yeah, the DVD case is as big as the photobook!

The DVD cover book

The DVD and this super cool photo of Takeru. Unfortunately, I was not able to play the DVD with my PS4 due to region restrictions. Though according to a friend of mine, someone has already uploaded the DVD for viewing.

GAAAAH!! The photos of this photobook are taken in Bolivia. This one we see here is Salar de Uyuni, the largest and one of the oldestsalt flats in the world. When it rains, it turns into a big giant mirror that can get you this kind of image. Satellites also pass by this place for recalibration.

See how beautiful it is!

If you are greeted with this scene every morning with Takeru, dream come true!

Love is in this photobook

The photo book has tons of snapshots of the entire trip like this :)

And this. Takeru looks so cool!

The photobook also has a very long interview with Takeru as he talks back about his career for the past ten years and the goals for the next ones XD

This reminds me of one specific photo of his best friend, just the scenery differs :))

You can get your copy of Takeru Satoh’s X[ten] Photobook + DVD for 4,600 yen in A!Smart, Amazon Japan, CDJapan, HMV, Tsutaya and other Japanese stores online.

Seeing this photobook is a dream and makes me want to go to Bolivia too!!! Imagine seeing the sky at night while in the salt flats. Sigh. Soon my dream, soon. One more blog entry before 2017 comes your way tomorrow!!!!


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