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[Merch Review] ONE OK ROCK Primal Footmark 2017


Part 2 of the big ONE OK ROCK merch post. There is a lot more coming in the next coming days… especially if I get out of being buried with work. Gotta do some money makin’ for some plans for the year. Sigh, adulting would have been a lot easier if money is not involved with everything…. sigh

Anyway, today, our featured ONE OK ROCK merch is the 2017 update for Primal Footmark. Primal Footmark is ONE OK ROCK’s annual photobook and the name of the band’s official fanclub. In each photobook, you get to see a summary of the band’s exploits for the past year and you also get a code that will help you get access to this exclusive portal for ONE OK ROCK fans and the privilege to draw your tickets earlier for the band’s lives in Japan (of course, you would need an address in Japan for that). To get a copy, you can order it via A!Smart or through Amazon for just 3,500 yen.

The 2017 Primal Footmark update is the most awaited one, especially for Manila because the 2017 version reflects ONE OK ROCK’s activities from December 2015 to November 2016. The Asia Tour occurred in January 2016 so its a guarantee it will be included in the shots so… let’s check it out!!!

Primal Footmark Number 6
Primal Footmark 2017. My third one. I haven’t bothered getting the others yet.

From the European 35XXXV Tour

Still in Europe. You can go preview the EU tour in the band’s official Youtube Channel made by Gus Black. Asia should have their own version too!

I would love this as a wallpaper but heck… there’s no place which has this on hi-reso

Asia Tour love!!!

Singapore… yeah, loads of Toru

Toru again in Asia

Love this shot of Toru and Ryota… bromance? lol!

Tomo-chin reminds you to eat your veggies so you can be like him!

Took loads of Toru’s photos because… its Toru-ture! Hahaha!

I was likely outside with my fellow PR mates when this was happening… How I would love to see this in person next time!

Shot from Manila again!!!

Im not so sure if everyone noticed this but this is actually a shot from Manila… Julen made Toru a god in this photo… or some divine being we are not worthy of seeing X_X

When this was delivered in Japan, Ayra, a friend of mine who currently is in Osaka, sent us a snapshot of this specific photo and I reacted coz I am in it somewhat…

Closer shot as to where I am. Even till today I can’t even say that’s me though the location is pretty accurate.

We are gunning to do this again ONE OK ROCK… so you better come back soon!!!

Another major highlight of my 2016 and ONE OK ROCK’s, Special Live in Nagisaen!!

Fireworks a plenty!

You know, that top he wears is pretty expensive. Though it looks outrageously cool!

I love how this photo turn out even if its a snapshot… Bronzed Adonis… yeah, that’s what he is at this photo.

Taka does have time to make you laugh even if he’s running

I remember this view in Day 1.

The Juliet moment… told ya it happened!

Its right there! Proof of history!!!

The card you need to access the main portal.

Now folks, lets check out the fun stuff inside the Primal Footmark portal! As noted above, you need the access card from the book to get access inside the site.

The log in page for Primal Footmark. The photo is from the Nagisaen live… so many memories!!!

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 12.44.22 AM
Take me to the top, this is the front page! Like last year’s page, you get to see exclusive news, videos, photos and other things from ONE OK ROCK before anyone else finds out about it!

Greetings of the boys… mostly talking about how they are now old dudes (based on their ages) and how Ryota teased the others relentlessly for it. Tomo was quite… >_

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  1. Thanks for this! Thinking of purchasing 2018 one so that I may stand a chance to ballot for Japan tickets. Not sure if I can ballot if I’m outside of Japan but their concerts in their homeland seems way better!

    1. haha, the Japan shows are really better to be completely honest though I can’t really say much on the lotteries since that is really based on Luck. hahaha

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