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Ah, this one is a random one and quite an up-to-date one.

Today is a special day for one special man. I have already spoken my piece to him last year and this year, I wish the same. Even if you are an old geezer or got turned into a baby, you are still our one and only Takahiro Moriuchi and don’t you forget it. I just wish I can greet you personally, but I have full hopes that I will be able to do so in some way in the near future. *I just hope your hairstyle really does not change like you promised!*

I also gotten a new addition to my ONE OK ROCK stash! I recently cleaned my OOR stash and had given up, moving the entire stash in a larger container. I really have no doubts it will be full by the end of the month. I’m still waiting for Nagisaen!

Anyway, here is the beautiful addition. This CD is actually a limited EP of the band and only available in the Japan Tour still ongoing. The actual price of this CD is 1,200 yen but since it was released in Shizuoka Ecopa Arena, the price of this CD in the auctions reached up to 10,000 yen… which is really heartbreaking. Fortunately I was able to get this through a local store, whose proprietors attended the recent leg of the tour. This thing sells like pancakes XDD My review for the songs? I definitely love Skyfall since it had the blend of the Niche-Zankyo-Jinsei hits with some blend of the music you hear from Crossfaith, Crossrain and SiM, an epic sound collaboration indeed! The other songs were also good too. Manhattan Beach though is amazing because rumors say that Ryota is mostly the mastermind of the song. Like Nothing Helps and Deeper Deeper.

Finally, aside from the scheduled blog posts here, I will be doing the following backlogs XDD I’ved been delaying these since forever so I might as well do them even if its a year or more late. Yeah… I’ved been this busy since January of 2016.

  1. CD is Not Dead
  2. PULP Live World Online Store Guide
  3. Panagbenga 2017
  4. Random Baguio Posts
  5. HMV Japan Order Guide
  6. 10 Year Reminiscin’

With those noted out, I will be heading to Love for 10969 to do some much needed loveeee!!!




PS. The photo you see as the header of this short post is from Quick Japan. A post of my magazine peek for it is scheduled soon so watch out for it!!!

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