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[Merch] On Ice, Candy and Masks


We are finally in the last of the delayed parcels preview here… haha, my site is filled with sneak peeks. LOL. Hopefully this will be enough to keep this place afloat for now until the next merch box arrives within the next coming days. I’m expecting two and I think you guys will love to get to see those :) For me, it means more money is spent but heck, I already cancelled one fandom, this one is here to stay it seems.

For this small update, here are some stuff I think you guys will be interested to try out when you can.


The first thing on my pile are these Yuri on Ice Luminous IC Card Stickers. I bought two versions of this. I forgot to take a photo of the other one *fail XD*


This is the close up version of the IC sticker, featuring the opening sequence of Yuri on Ice. Basically this thing is like a sleeve you can put on your IC Card (in Filipino speak, you can put it on your beep cards).


When you put this on your beep or IC card and pass it on any terminal (may it be on easypay/easy tap/ train turnstiles), it glows!


See how snug it will be in your IC card as seen here with my Pasmo card. I haven’t placed my IC cards here yet. I’ll use it in my next travel. My beep card is currently in my Shinya Kougami pass case (which I neglected on bringing when I was in Japan).


The next on my haul is this! Asahi is pretty much well-known to some as a beer brand in Japan but they also make other food items. Mintia is their mint candy variant. I first stumbled upon this brand here in Manila in a mini kiosk selling Japanese goods in Greenhills (Should hunt for that when I go back to shop) and in Japan I also used it to stay alive in Nagisaen (it would be hard for you to get out of the barricades to get water if you don’t have extra). The same candy is still with me but its running out. I would have asked my brother to get me some, but since he isn’t likely to find me one… haha, i ended up getting a big pack of 10s in Amazon JP. Next time I will get the more spicy variant.


Another purchase in my late haul is this one. I did show you guys a photo of this before but for those who don’t know, this is Pitta Mask. This mask is quite unique because it feels like a skin when you wear it. Some of Japan’s top celebrities own and wear this mask (in three colors).

I had to get a new one because one of my old ones got lost in Nagoya, the other one is currently on use, the third which i haven’t used, I’m still looking for it.

I’ll buy another set next time.

I wonder what is up next in my blog. I am really in need of new material for the next ones… and it seems my new arsenal is quite a power. I still need a good watermark and lighting. Any recommendations guys?

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