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[Merch Peek] Rock Sound March 2017 Issue


We are in a roll. Hahaha! My update streak will take time again so I am taking advantage of my free time of sorts to do this. Still more on the ONE OK ROCK merch peeks, the ONE OK ROCK fans who go to this site will be happy with me back giving my quotas per month. Lol. Maybe I’ll do another big project soon, but so far, something else is indeed taking my mind out of that.

For today’s entry, I’ll be giving my own peek to Rock Sound magazine’s March 2017 Issue. This is the first time I bought a magazine which is not from Japan. Rock Sound is popular in America and Europe, having some of the best specials from the West’s top acts and new personalities. This specific issue got the whole Asian contingent in a riot because ONE OK ROCK is featured for the series. This is the first time a Western magazine will feature the boys and pretty much, the title of the feature says it all.

These guys are off to set their mark in the world and grab it full hands.

Here are some of the photos!!!


Rock Sound Magazine March 2017 Issue Featuring ONE OK ROCK


This is the first cover of the magazine. This issue actually has three versions. The first and second version has this specific photo, but the second version comes with free Twenty-One Pilots Poster, shot by Adam Elmakias.


This is the second cover photo featuring Taka


Front cover of the feature. How is the West indeed won by these four Japanese rockstars?


Let me write on you XD


Magic foursome – I need a new lighting filter XDDD


This kingly photo and the other photos were made by one of my favorite photographers, Adam Elmakias :)


Since I got the ONE OK ROCK posters variant, here’s the first side of it. Its massive!!!


This is in the other side of the group poster. So big this poster of Taka is… I wish the poster wasn’t folded or stapled with the magazine X_X

The interview is quite informative, especially if you are hearing about ONE OK ROCK’s quest for world presence for the first time or just learnt about them now. I need to set the bar in my next article it seems.

The rest of the magazine is actually quite cool! I loved the format of some of the sections, including one which lets you ask a question to your favorite stars. Wish we can do that with ONE OK ROCK… LOL

Mei’s mess in her offline life is still messy, but she is getting by. Almost done with these merch peeks for the other stuff so, stay tuned!!!

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