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[Merch Review] Ongaku no Hito February 2017 Issue


Time I make do with my promise to deliver you some browsing on some of the new magazines which featured ONE OK ROCK which I delayed due to work. I took some of my Holy Week break to work on these so these are all scheduled to appear even without me being present to moderate it. I will need to consider the length of the URLs next time though. Lol.

For this update, we’ll take a gander at the magazine called “Ongaku no Hito” or Music and People magazine. Simply put, this magazine features some of Japan’s music talents and take a gander of what they are like behind the scenes and what their music is all about. The February issue features ONE OK ROCK as they are now hitting the world by storm.

Photo wise… well, just look below to see how deadly this magazine is for fans of the band.


Front cover… yeah, the sticker is quite annoying for it to be located on dead center. Still not attempting to remove it yet. Hahaha!


If I ever find myself being interrogated by these boys, sure! I’ll reveal everything save my plans for world domination. Hahaha. You have yours, I have mine


Taka and Toru


Tomoya and Ryota


Each member of ONE OK ROCK was interviewed individually for this magazine. I have to really admit Taka and Toru’s interviews and their photos were informative. Can’t tell you much of it because one, work has dashed it all from my head, and two… my kanji is still not good so thats a bad part of it.


Yes… close up of bocchan right here. I love this photo when I saw it.


From Toru’s interview cover


Tomoya’s cover interview pic. I wasn’t able to get Ryota’s cool cover photo properly because unfortunately, the photo was close to the book’s center so I risk destroying it


Toruka everyone!


Tomota XDD


If by chance you want to purchase the clothes worn by the guys in this issue, here they are XDD. A tip, Taka wore a customized UNIF Screaming Inside Hoodie for this shoot.


A cool cartoon version of the boys’ photo by the one of the editors ^^v


He says you should buy a copy or else he’ll sneak up on you XDD

So much ONE OK ROCK, so little time and space. Will be adding quite a lot more in the next coming entries (Since i received some more prior to Holy Week). Wait for it to pop up here shortly XDD. I’ll be revising my attack on these photo posts when I have more time to work on a cool watermark.

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