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[Merch Peek] Ambitions Tour and Yuri On Ice Goods


Welcome back to Autumn Sky and heck, we’re just one sleep away to busy busy June. June has always been a busy month for me and I wonder what madness will be in line for me!

Anyway, before we reach to that, here’s part… I-got-no-idea-now what number this merch peek is. Hahaha!

The first batch here is the ONE OK ROCK 2017 Ambitions Japan Tour merch! This isn’t complete yet because the clothes I wanted to order were immediately sold out and they will be refilled this June. Will have to order them when its close to the shipment date! Check out the comments below!


Finally gotten this one from the Nagisaen stash! I haven’t tried it out yet but heck T_T the prices for this one in the auctions are sooo high!


Tote bag, Black version from the Ambitions tour. This is quite a big tote bag, so you can bring this to shopping if you want!


The back! Definitely love the street graffiti of the titles here! There are two versions of this, other one is the natural color or the white version.


Muffler Towel Yellow version! I love this version than the blue one because of the street graffiti theme and the similar one from the 35XXXV Japan Tour is worth double its current price now if you sell it! I want to buy another one so I can open it and use it!


In line with my street team theme, the yellow and black ballers for the tour! There are four colors in total which matches the gothic lettering of Ambitions.




Another close up. Japan Tour love!!!


The last one for the Japan Tour merch is this digital wrist watch (Which also comes in white, must get it). When it is open, the watch itself lights up in red LEDs.



Now my Yuri on Ice merch! I actually love this series that much that I try to be picky with my purchase. This one caught my attention because of the cute drawings and man it was a correct choice!
This is a pass case, good for beep cards, Suica, Pasmo and other IC cards. You can also use it as a luggage tag if you want (So many uses!)



Finally, the last on my current box batch is this square and leathery coin case which also features the same pattern as the pass case before these photos. Now normally, coin cases in this size should be around 900 yen or so. But this one is almost 3,000 yen! So expensive… but it looks very cute x_X

I need more money for my expenses and it is very stressing to be an adult. Hahaha!

What to post next? Let’s find out!!!!

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