a prayer for apollo

In the beginning, I felt like Cupid played a trick on me.

I was enjoying a movie when all of a sudden, a song started playing in the credits. It somehow caused me to stay rooted in place and even if I was the only one left in the theater, I stayed. The song tugged a heart string or two, causing me to stay completely unaware of the world as I tried to go home.

When I got home, I started to research who sang that bewildering piece. Upon checking it, I learnt it was a band from a country not far from where I was. The band’s vocalist was short, but his vocals were out of this world. The drummer reminded me of a very playful friend with his cheery demeanor and smile. The bassist was similar with the drummer, with a pleasing body to boot.

But when I turned to the guitarist, I knew Cupid was trying to play his usual tricks on people.

From what I read, he was the one behind this team and I have to say he was a vision from the gods as he looked like a god himself. His half-lid eyes and mysterious smile struck me speechless, causing me to curse Cupid for making me fall in love with this man! He was too out of my league, far too out of my reach.

However, try as I might, I knew I already was in the middle of a mighty long fall the more I heard more of the band’s music… and the more I learnt about him.

This blond god, my Apollo, plagued my dreams while I was in the embrace of Morpheus. I felt my heart ache each time I would listen to their music. Would there be a chance for someone like me to meet him?

Fortunately, Tyche heard my plea for some reason and I learnt not long after that they will be playing a gig in the country. I had fought like Ares would have in every war he undertook. Tyche was indeed in my favor and I have gotten the chance to meet him.

I tried not to think too much about that meeting for I knew I would need to pray for Sophrosyne to moderate my control. But as the day slowly dawned closer, Hypnos denied me of my sleep and told me to anticipate my meeting with my Apollo. I was ready I know… but I knew I would be blown out of my feet when I meet him face to face.

When the day came, I was indeed blown out of my feet. He was, in every inch, a god like no other. I found my words leave me all of a sudden, found it too difficult to speak. I tried my best to convey a few short words to him and gave my best smile for our first photo together. Before I could even make a fool of myself before my Apollo, I rushed to my place to get a better view of his performance.

His performance further caused me to fall more in love. His smile was addictive as he watched all of us sing their songs. I knew I only had this one shot to tell him these words for a while, so I shouted it out. Much to my shock and my happiness, he turned to me and clearly showed he heard me, smiling at me even. It was a short moment… but I will never forget it.

Days went by and I still would look back to that time he heard me confess. I knew it would be difficult to speak to him again. I contented myself in checking his accounts, sending him encouraging and sometimes even funny words to help him throughout the day. He would read some of it and that made me smile. I understood why he didn’t reply to them. He was leagues away from me, but the fact he read those messages showed he cared for his admirers, me included.

However, I feel as if Cupid isn’t done screwing up with me the more I kept hearing about their impending return. Words from friends and the most unlikely people continued to raise shivers in my spine, as if they knew something I didn’t.

While the news of their return isn’t final, I’d be content to wait despite this feeling. What matters more to me right now is that my Apollo is happy… and I am happy.


This is the part two of the story I wrote this morning. I was inspired to do it. A third one is currently under mulling… I just can’t figure out a good title!!!

Some of the gods I used here are Greek gods, Cupid not included. Tyche is the goddess of fortune, chance, providence and faith. Sophrosyne is a spirit of moderation, self-control, temperance, restraint and discretion. The Oneiroi, which includes Morpheus, are spirits of dreams. Ares is the god of war. Apollo is the god of music, arts, knowledge, healing, plague and beauty.

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