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Heya everyone,

Been ages since my last post and I do have some very good reasons for that.

First off, my little brother has finally graduated from college after some years studying Architecture. To celebrate, my big sister came home from the US with her family so we can celebrate together on this wonderful milestone. Of course, when my sister and her family are home, we would eventually end up going around the place. I’d be sharing those photos with you guys very soon because I am picking which ones to share. I did take a lot and mostly, its my not-so little niece who is in most of them. Hahaha. Sorting sorting!

Second, I am currently working on a special entry for one of my Mei Guides and if you have been watching in my Twitter feed (Which you can access through this place by pressing the only button on the main menu), I gave a hint as to what it is. I am just waiting for the final installments to my work and I’ll be publishing it very soon. I’m excited to see how it will go. Surprised some people did take notice of my work on some topics which is not ONE OK ROCK for a change. Hahahaha!

I will also be heading off to Japan in the next coming days. One reason I was offline for almost two months here was because I was working on the paperwork needed for both myself and my little brother. I’d be updating my “Japan Visa for Filipinos 101” article soon to add more on that. My little brother is so excited to go and so am I. Not looking forward to summer though they say its like summer in Manila. Hahaha, that would be something to experience though. Any suggestions minna for those in Japan right now?

Finally, I am so happy to reveal here in my blog my brand new display photo to all my social media accounts! The photo (As seen in the right hand side of your screen) is made by the one and only Little Miss Paintbrush, known for her works for my friend Kaila of Japan Lover Me and Rainbowholic. I have been delaying this commission from her for a year now and out of the blue, I just said, heck, let’s do this! The result is simply stunning and I cannot wait to use it for some stuff. Hehe and also show it to Taka should they return to Manila… the agony of waiting for the next episode of ONE OK ROCK’s Ambitions World Tour is not nice. Can’t wait to see them this November though! HAHAHA!

Before I end this little update of Autumn Sky, I will be placing the entire blog on maintenance. I finally saw the fuzz over Photobucket’s newest usage change and it means I can’t link my photos from my Photobucket to here and make it visible. As a result… and since some of my entries have tons of photos of then, I will be taking some time off – till my special entry is sorted out – to edit the links here. This is so troublesome… not paying $400+ just to get my photos shown here while hosted there. There’s an alternative like I always say.

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