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[Review/ Guide] DEJAPAN Proxy Service

Konnichassu minna!

This is quite an interesting post and in some posts, I have mentioned that I have been working on something new for the Mei Guides. Luckily for me, I will be fulfilling that right now while I have free time from work!

As you guys might have seen for the past few posts, I am a fan of shopping in Japanese online stores and I have tried out many different ways to get my shopping done as cheaply as I can from using Tenso to Zenmarket. While these proxy sites have its pros and cons, I have discovered a new site to try out and it is DEJapan (

Like Zenmarket, DEJapan is a proxy shopping service which caters to customers who would like to buy from known Japanese online shops such as Amazon Japan, Yahoo! Japan Shopping and Rakuten. Yahoo! Japan Auctions purveyors would love this place too. What’s great with this place is that you wouldn’t be charged for the usual commission fee other proxy shopping sites have, giving you more money to shop!

The site also offers a shopping service for Bandai Japan’s premium online shop which I like to share is one of the most exclusive online shops in the market for anyone who wants to get some of the rarest Bandai merchandise in the market. That includes rare Gundam figures, Sailor Moon exclusives and many more.

The site also comes with their recommended items for a certain category which you can check through their front page. These categories change regularly so always pass by their first page when you access their page in the future.

Main Page, DEJapan


How to Use the Site (Yahoo! Shopping, Amazon Japan, Rakuten)
Click on each photo to browse them larger. My desktop resolution is quite large so I do apologize for the different sizes

    • Head on to
    • In the search bar of the front page, type the item name or item number of the product you wish to check and click search.

To locate where the item name or item number:

Go to the website you wish to purchase on.

Search the item you wish to purchase. Then, once it is loaded, copy the name of the product as shown on the product page.

Copy this

Paste the item title on Dejapan’s search bar

Paste it here

Select from the options which one fits your budget. Unless you point out from the start that you wish to get the one in Amazon Japan, Rakuten or Yahoo Shopping.


If you cannot find the item name or the title of your purchase, you can use the item number of your purchase. Check example below (I actually got this specific item).

Sample item from Yahoo Shopping
Scroll down the product page to see the item number. Then copy.
In DEJapan’s site, select “Yahoo Shopping” From the drop down options and paste the product’s item number before clicking search. The item will appear in the results page.
Select page and check the details before buying.
[Note: the item you see here is only sold in scheduled times so if you want it, check out their page in IG for details]


How to Use the site (Yahoo! Auctions)

Go to the official Yahoo! Japan Auctions site (

Look for the item you wish to bid on:

Sample Auction Page

Copy the title of the auction (make sure it is the original Japanese title to get a direct hit)

Copy item title!

Head on to and paste the title on the search bar, then click search. When it loads, you will see the results page where your target auction is.

Search and look for your auction target here

Click the auction of your choice. If you see that you can already hit


TIP: When you see a “Buy It Now” button, you will immediately be asked to pay for the item. Normally, the prices can be higher. Make sure you consider a lot of times before you click this button because there is a possibility another person would have a lower price for this item.

A sniping bid would tell the site that they should bid in the last few minutes of the auction so you can get it. This is a hit-and-miss opportunity one because you will need to compete with other people who want a chance for that item so its all luck!


How to Use the Site (Premium Bandai)

Go to the official website of Premium Bandai (

Search for the item you wish to purchase and copy the title to the DEJapan search bar. Click the item and purchase.

Aside from the sites above, you can also request from other Japanese websites. Currently, they accept such requests via e-mail/contact page. I haven’t tried this bit yet but do not worry, I shall try it out when I have the time and update this guide when it happens.


When you have selected your item(s), click the shopping cart to check out your item. You do have a choice if you wish to retain the original package from where you bought it for free and get a free insurance plan too.

While it is optional, it is ideal to sign up for an account in DEJapan so you can properly monitor your orders.

Once successful, you will be asked your delivery address, and show your transaction details.

Then ask for your payment terms. They currently accept Credit Card or Paypal

You will then be shown the full details of your purchase before you can officially check out your item and wait for it to arrive to the DEJapan warehouse.

To monitor your item, log in to your dashboard to see its status. The interface is quite easy to understand so not much lecture on that.

The site will email you if your item has reached their warehouse and if you check your dashboard, it would look like this:

If you want to save up on shipping costs to your country, DEJapan does offer combined shipments.

You can also cancel them if you wish so long as it is within the grace period after you requested it. Of course, extra fees apply so be careful.

When your item is consolidated, you will get an email saying you should finalize your payment for the shipping to your country. Like other proxy companies, DEJapan does have the usual options available for your budget. Easily select your preferred shipping option and click next.

You will then be shown the transaction details of your parcel so you can check if there is an error on things.

Then pay the item using Credit Card or Paypal

And wait for this page to come out once you pay!

I selected EMS for my stuff because for one, I thought of bringing them to Japan on my trip. But thought against it. When I got it, here are the photos!


Everything was wrapped up in bubble wrap which protects your items even if the box is too battered upon being sent.



First off the bat is my super one of a kind large (and i definitely mean large) shirt from BLXCK Japan! Big shout out to Taama from Japanese band ROACH and his boo, model Carriebou for this one because the shirt looks awesome!




Yep, its a XXXL Shirt so you can wear it as a large tee. Does remind me of my Nagisaen shirt but this one is definitely big.


I also got my own bath towel from Japan. Hurrah! I do have bath towels given to me over the years. Unfortunately I dunno where they are now since mum holds all our linens and towels. I got this one because everytime we go out swimming or on vacation, I end up being the one without a towel. Poor me.



Next in the list is this one from Anker. Now, you may be wondering what this is. It’s actually a waterproof pouch you can wear when you go swim. My niece has one from another brand which we used when they were here and I thought it would be a good investment to have one since the ones sold here can be pretty pricy. This one, since it’s a solidified brand, was on sale when I ordered it off so I got this one for a bargain.



Finally, I got myself another one of these for my letters. I do love Sumikko Guraishi letter sets. They are adorable. I used some of my old stuff when ONE OK ROCK was here.

Once I happily saw all my stuff are in good condition, I have to admit DEJapan has ticked all the things I want for a proxy service. No commission, fast service and affordable options. Truly something you need to try out.

Want to try out DEJapan shopping for yourself? Use this code – AKISAIKOU – to get a 300 yen off in your first payment when you spend a minimum of 3,000 yen on the site. This coupon code is good for one month so check out DEJapan today!

While you do that, I’ll be shopping some more. I need to make a big dent on my Christmas presents list. Hahaha!

10 thoughts on “[Review/ Guide] DEJAPAN Proxy Service”

  1. I think you are excessively promoting for Dejapan as a instant buying site instead of an proxy-auctioning site.

    1. Hello, I haven’t tried it out as a proxy-auctioning site yet so i mostly focused on a proxy buying site aspect when this post was done. I will do so when I spot something in the auction that would let me see if they can snip what i want.

  2. Its not the snipe bidding.
    Overall, my 1st encounter with their weird locking down of your money is not pleasant.
    Just an example, if your 1st bid is 1000yen and item escalated to a higher bid, the next bid you put, say for example 10000yen will not include the 1000yen u bid before.
    Put it short, its 10000 + 1000yen and if bidding yet ends, it continues to cascade further.

    And not to mention they have weird voiding practices of transactions as well.
    Claim to have sent out the void codes but nothing was received at my bank’s end.

    Anyway, u go try out their auction bidding 1st and share out here again of your findings.

    1. Hi, sorry to read you’ve had trouble with how our bidding and bid refund systems work. We think you’ve probably emailed us about it already, but please contact us if you need any more help in future.

      1. DEJAPAN’s bid refund system sucks. I was bidding on a vintage Seiko watch and three times I was outbid. DEJAPAN sent three payment authorisations to my credit card company, which flagged a potential threat and blocked my card on the ground of safety. DEJAPAN should quickly refund the bid amount or atleast quickly cancel the payment authorisations after the bid is outbid. What a rot!

        1. I know this is an old post but I wanted to know how did they refunded the payment you made for bidding on auctions? Since I lost one and it’s been 5 days now they haven’t refunded me the payment yet.. .

          1. Hello, yeah this is an old post so I can’t really give you a lowdown on this.

            But when I lost an auction, they refunded the money on my Paypal almost immediately. Best contact them about it and they will reply. Right now they are mostly on a holiday due to the incoming new year so you should mail now while they arent

    2. Hey, just wanted to ask how did the refund turned out if ever you lost to an auction using DEJAPAN? Because I lost one and it’s been 5 days since that auction ended and I haven’t received any refunds yet…

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