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productive 27

Every year, I make it to a point to write a blog for this very day to give myself something to look back into each time I turn a year old.

Last year, I wrote all about the stuff I’ved done when I was 25. Throughout the year, I’ved done basically all sorts of things. I’ved been through Summery Japan and back. I went back in time to see one of my high school loves perform live despite the long wait. I’ved spoken to Apollo, Aphrodite and to the Emperor in a special treat. And right now, I’ved experienced one of the oddest deja vu ever as ONE OK ROCK has yet again made the announcement for the Ambitions tour this September and well, things are looking completely the same right now.

I can wish for a lot of things for this new year. I can hope for a million things. I have plans up above the stratosphere that I have yet to dent. All I know is, I want this year not just to become similar to that deja vu moment, but I want this year to show me something new, challenging and exciting. Would I be going to new places? Would I be able to fulfill a role I haven’t managed to do back in the previous lives? Would I finally get the things I want and so on?

No matter what the answer is though… here’s to another year Mei. Another year of interesting events and challenges.

Hope I get the time to sort all this mess Photobucket left my blogs though… sigh.

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