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Address: 10969


Well, this is a simple entry, and for one it fits the incoming posting spree I haven’t done in the past few months.

When the ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila 2018 schedule was announced, I was already thinking of ways on spreading the love that is ONE OK ROCK here in the site like what I did last time. Of course, I will be revamping the whole place, also Love for 10969. But, before I could even reach to the point of indeed working on Love for 10969 (Which I have neglected for a while due to work), one of my lovely kouhais, whom I fondly call as Cotton, proposed to me the idea of running a contest. I had run a simple contest before for Love for 10969, but it was not as wide scale as this one she proposed. Considering the price of the tickets for the incoming live show has increased drastically since 2016, she thought it would be cool if we ran a contest for fans who wish to have a chance to win tickets to the biggest live of 2018. I for one was ok with this and incorporating some elements from Love for 10969, we managed to create Address:10969.

Address: 10969’s name came from the idea of setting a letter to ONE OK ROCK and from the song ‘One Way Ticket’ from the band’s current album, Ambitions. However, as a plot twist to the “letters” idea, Address: 10969 will mostly be video letters from Filipino ONE OK ROCKers as they talk about the boys of ONE OK ROCK and snippets of their love, admiration and so on to the band. We selected only three questions for the contest, though fans have a choice to add more to that if they can add it to their 1 minute videos. Once they make their video, all fans have to do is send it XD. Simple no? Fans who manage to wow not just the fans, but also the judges have the chance to win an Upper Box Ticket to the live or some ONE OK ROCK merchandise. Still deciding on the second bit though. LOL.

You can check out the full details of the contest at the special page in the site for it (check the header for it). Make sure you read every little detail on the guidelines before you submit because you wouldn’t want to repeat your work twice. My little kouhai will pop in sometimes here in the blog and in the Facebook page to give updates and answer some inquiries. We can’t wait to see everyone’s works!!!!

Note though, if you are a PH OOR fan and not in the country, you can still pass your videos. As we said, it is open for every PH OOR fan no matter where you are in the globe.

Autumn Sky would be rehashing several articles in the next couple of updates for the #OORAmbitionsTourMNL coverage. I have some pretty wacky ideas for every ONE OK ROCK fan this time and I sure hope you enjoy them! Posting starts next week! Huzzaaaah!

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