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Man… its been two months or more since I last posted here and heck I haven’t even finished the drafts for the next one. The past few months have been very busy and it ended up having to be the Christmas rush. Work has been a killer as always, but I am getting by as I have been trying my best to work on all the jobs I have so far. One of the oddest things us freelancers have is our work schedule. I’ved been trying to change my sleeping patterns for the past few months though since I keep waking up in the afternoons and stay up until 4 or 5 am or even later than that. But, life just wont let me do it… and I also find myself getting oddly inspired and distracted *ahem Episode Ignis and Comrades*. Ah well.

Even though I haven’t been blogging here, my YouTube account, my Twitter feed and my Facebook page has been getting some action. As noted in my laaaaast post here, I am working on some videos to rehash some infos regarding ONE OK ROCK for their incoming concert here and so far, I have been amused as to how it’s turning out despite my busy schedule since I got to do some of the amusing scripts on the fly. Sadly, as much as I would like to release a lot of it before the concert, my kouhai is also quite busy with her work so we’re only managing. We are going to make some more videos which would hopefully cover the entire month before the live then I suppose do some more rehashed ones when we’re not busy. The reviews we’ved been getting are good so far and some of them, completely surprising. I think it’s way better than the usual wiki pages since text can go on for ages. Hahaha. Though I am considering of redoing the text ones so the chronology is better.

Speaking of this said live, I will be reposting some of the old posts I did in the first live as part of the preparations for it. I’m actually quite excited with the things I got lined up for the edits and some new content that I’m sure you guys will definitely enjoy. I will also be launching the voting process for Address 10969 so we can pick the winners for it next week. Spread the 10969 Love as they say!

My Facebook page is also close to 1000 followers *insert proud moment*, I never thought I’d reach that number. Huhuhuhuhu. More posts to come regarding that. Hahaha! It is still not 1000 as of press time so I can’t really comment on it.

Aside from the live, hmm, well I am looking forward to watching the incoming Dome Tour in Nagoya Dome next year. While I missed the Tokyo Dome slot, something had to give since I also have something planned for next year and my wallet won’t agree with me fighting for Tokyo at this point. It would be mostly touring Mei in 2018! It would be nice to go back to Nagoya though since I only seen like 1% of the place and with me confirmed to be watching in Nagoya, I ended up finding some good tourist spots I like to visit in the area. I cannot wait! Plus its also Sakura season so I do hope I get to catch it while in Nagoya. It would be so cool!

Anyway, next updates… well, I’d definitely be finishing the Tokyo Summer entries… I haven’t finished that yet much to my utter embarrassment but rest assured it will pop before the end of this year since I already have the photos uploaded in Flickr, just not the full typed stuff. I will also start posting the #OORAmbitionsTourMNL things by January so keep yourself posted.

No worries to my other readers, I shall be posting something totally unrelated to ONE OK ROCK too. Just not so sure when that will be but it will come. I have seen my drafts, haha, I need to recharge my not-OOR mindset for them. Hahaha!

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