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The 5 People You Meet in ONE OK ROCK Cons: Pinoy Edition


Well, now that we are getting closer to the most awaited day of them all, its time I post some things related to it again and some new ones too. For this special one, I think you guys would find it interesting.

This idea came to me when the April 2017 issue of PULP Magazine came out and I found one specific article in this same issue to be very interesting. I thought, “Hey, why don’t I make one when the next ONE OK ROCK live happens?” September came and boom, a ready made post. I pitched the idea to some people and they told me to go for it… so LETS DO IT!

Here are the people you will definitely meet in ONE OK ROCK Cons, especially in #OORAmbitionsTourMNL. Please note that these titles are my own, they may be called other names. If you have suggestions on their titles, do let me know so I can add it up!

The Jetsetters / The Legends / The Idols / The Ultimate ONE OK ROCKer – These fans would travel across the continent or the globe just to see the talented foursome perform at their best. Of course, they also watched the band in Japan and pretty much a part of the active Primal Footmark group. They also have a vast collection of ONE OK ROCK merchandise from days past to the present and even if they sell some of these merch, you would definitely be told they are spares. If you ask them about OOR’s history, they can tell it to you without pause. Some of these fans may even have their own fanbases, but mostly these are often taken care of by the Knights. If you want to locate these fans, try moving your eyes on the moshpit and Lower Box areas. You would see them there.

The Knights – These fans belong to the official fellowship of ONE OK ROCKers in the country and across the globe. They range in age and fan history, from those who know the band since they started to today. They are also the ones active on social media, advocating and sharing the word that is ONE OK ROCK and even if they do not have a full track history of their lives, these knights would surely fight to the death to protect their idols. They are also the heads behind some of the best ONE OK ROCK fanbases in the globe. If you want to locate them on D-Day, you may see them scattered all over, though if you ask me, they will be in the moshpit.

The Moshers – These fans vary but do not let their age, gender, health and fan history fool you because these fans definitely know that if you go to a rock concert, the best way to experience it is in a moshpit. These moshers bring any concert alive and for ONE OK ROCK, moshers are an important part of their every live because it is where the magic happens. From the circle pits of the vortex to the family-inspired headbanging, ONE OK ROCK moshers are out of this world. And hey, His Excellency Taka may even join this crowd for some fun. When he does, moshers would definitely roar to life and shout it out loud with their King.

The Initiate – These fans would definitely be included in the incoming live as part of the minority group. Recently converted to the fandom due to various factors, most notably through one certain movie [maybe that samurai movie or that hair-raising action movie staring that master thief/swordsman] or Spotify’s latest playlist charts featuring some of the Rising Sun’s top names. Of course, #ONEOKROCKLiveinManila may have also converted them due to the stories they have heard about it. It was one heck of a live after all.

The Curious – Finally, this group is a minority but of course they may end up not being a minority after the incoming live. Their common sentiment is: “ONE OK ROCK? Never heard of them but let’s check them out.” Some of them may even hear the name in passing, often because of the band’s duets in their past two albums. It is likely they will convert to the knights after the concert. After all, who can resist these four?

There are other types of people that you would meet in ONE OK ROCK lives but these five groups will definitely be there with you when you join the fun on January 29, 2018. Which group will you join?

ONE OK ROCK 2018 Ambitions Asia Tour Live in Manila will happen on January 29, 2017 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. Gates open at 6:00 pm and the show starts at 8:00 pm. This special live is brought to us by PULP Live World, B’in Live, and Amuse Asia Inc, alongside official TV Partner, GEM TV Asia.

For more information about the live or if you have any inquiries regarding this comeback, head on to www.pulpliveworld.com or their official Facebook page.

Tickets are available in all SM Ticket outlets nationwide and through online at SM Tickets Official Website. Remember, don’t purchase from scalpers!!! Ticket tally is currently posted in my Facebook page so check there regularly!

For all fan projects and other fan-related concerns, head on to the Philippines’ ONE OK ROCKers’ Facebook Group or you can send me a holler at my official Twitter or Facebook page.

The time to wake up from that dream of seeing them is finally here. Don’t dare miss it! Just 7 Days To GO!

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