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What to Expect on #OORAmbitionsTourMNL


Looking at the calendar makes me remember all the fun things we did in ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila in 2016 and with the incoming one slowly approaching, it makes me wonder what to expect this time considering I have seen them in their home turf and in the first Manila live. Would there be shocks? Would there be spiels? Would there be something I have no idea would happen? So many possibilities!

Regardless of these possibilities, I don’t care about any of them coz every ONE OK ROCK Live is special in its own way from the other ONE OK ROCK lives you may have seen or heard about.

For the new fans or those who will just see them live for the first time, you may not know what to expect on your first ONE OK ROCK live experience. To help fans in the 2016 live, I did an early post that highlighted the usual things that you may expect in the ONE OK ROCK live (see post here). Since that post, many things have changed and my post may not be so accurate now for the incoming live.

If you are a newbie to the ONE OK ROCK Live Experience or you are a ONE OK ROCK Live fan, check out what you can expect in this year’s ONE OK ROCK Ambitions Asia Tour Live in Manila down below. Please note this is based on the trends that has occurred in the past lives for the tour series, and the usual ONE OK ROCK shockers in every live they do. It may, or may not happen (*we all hope and pray it does happen*)

  1. Larger setup – As seen in the seatplan for this year’s live and according to a tweet from PULP Live World big boss Sir Vernon Go in the early days of the announcement of the Asian live, the moshpit will be larger, the stage would be larger and pretty much everything else would be larger. Say, would they include the flames? Definitely would love to see that in the Manila live
  2. Mixed setlist – In the 2016 live, the band mostly sang the English version of their 35XXXV tracks. However, fans can expect the band would balance it out with some of their favorites and some of their acoustics. Who knows, the boys may even include one or two songs not seen in the other setlists as a shocker
  3. New looks – Each time the band goes on tour or a major live, they do change their hair colors and styles. Notable examples to this are Tomoya’s midori hair for Mighty Long Fall in Yokohama Stadium and even in the 35XXXV Europe Tour, Toru’s brown/red highlights for the US and Europe 35XXXV Tour, Ryota’s short blond hair and Taka’s changing hair schemes for the entire 35XXXV Tour in Japan and the US/Europe Tour. The recent waves of the Ambitions Tour showed that its back to basics for the boys (last seen in JinseiXKimi=) which is a good thing!
  4. Lights and effect shows – ONE OK ROCK Live Shows – may you be in the US, Europe, Asia or Japan – are well-known for their VFX and lighting effects that corresponds to the songs the band would perform that night. It definitely adds to the ambiance and if you were in the 35XXXV Live in Manila stint and saw the Japanese version of the live, you would clearly notice similarities to the point you would be asking yourself “Am I in Japan?” I certainly did when I saw the 35XXXV Japan Tour DVD after the Manila live and when in Nagisaen since some of the songs there were performed in 2016.
  5. Moshpit Action – This may or may not happen, depending on the arrangement for the band this time, but Taka may shock all those in the moshpit by climbing in the rails and perform right there and then. Taka would also motion the fans to create the ‘vortex’, the ‘wall of death’ and others. If you are in the moshpit, get ready to be squished and experience one heck of a vortex when the right songs come in. 2016, we weren’t able to do this part but we’re going to be back with a vengeance on this part! Always watch Taka’s hand gestures coz that’s the signal when he wants something done by the fans! Certain songs you need to remember for the moshpit action that is in the current setlist: Cry Out, Deeper Deeper, Re:make, Bedroom Warfare, The Beginning, Mighty Long Fall and Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer
  6. Instrumental Faceoff – A staple to every ONE OK ROCK live is the faceoff between Tomoya, Ryota and Toru and this is always a treat because in every tour, they have a different gimmick that would get the crowd roaring
  7. Shirtless Ryota – He may be married, but Ryota will never fail his fans. Since 2012.
  8. ONE OK ROCK + Fan Interactions (MC time)– this part varies depending on the live and how things would go. It may or may not happen, but if it does, fans would be treated to a short one on one with the band – usually Taka would be speaking – and just get you roaring. In the 2016 live, I think the best OOR-Fan Interaction happened when the fans serenaded the band when they sang the acoustics for “Wherever You Are” and “Heartache”. Taka never looked so proud and Toru? Well, his eyes were certainly sparkling that day. The fan project for this year may elicit some emotions should the fans pull it off [for more details on this, please head on to the official Philippines’ ONE OK ROCKers Facebook Group so you won’t get left behind!]
  9. Introduction time – Well, this briefly happened when Taka shouted out to the fans on the 2016 live. Hoping for a longer and individual introduction time from the boys this time
  10. Taka jump! – If you were in the 2016 live, this is always a shocking moment. It’s also shocking when you hear him sing those high ranges without even breaking a sweat. What can this little tenno not do!
  11. ENCORE – Three songs have always been the max for ONE OK ROCK’s encore performances as seen in Zankyou Reference Tour, JinseixKimi=, Mighty Long Fall in Yokohama Stadium and 35xxxv Japan Tour. It was also three songs in the 2016 live. This year? Well, who knows. Maybe if we shock ONE OK ROCK, something may change. You never know.
  12. Tomoya Moments – In 2016, he got everyone melting when he spoke in the ending in Filipino. I wonder how he will melt hearts in the incoming live


These are just some of the things you may expect, but again, I stress, a lot more may happen once you join the party with the rest of the ONE OK ROCK community gathering for this special day.

ONE OK ROCK 2018 Ambitions Asia Tour Live in Manila will happen on January 29, 2017 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. Gates open at 6:00 pm and the show starts at 8:00 pm. This special live is brought to us by PULP Live World, B’in Live, and Amuse Asia Inc, alongside official TV Partner, GEM TV Asia.

For more information about the live or if you have any inquiries regarding this comeback, head on to www.pulpliveworld.com or their official Facebook page.

Tickets are available in all SM Ticket outlets nationwide and through online at SM Tickets Official Website. Remember, don’t purchase from scalpers!!! Ticket tally is currently posted in my Facebook page so check there regularly!

For all fan projects and other fan-related concerns, head on to the Philippines’ ONE OK ROCKers’ Facebook Group or you can send me a holler at my official Twitter or Facebook page.

Have you gotten your tickets already? Just 5 days to go!

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  1. Hi! I went to Ambitions Asia Tour Live in Singapore and it was a bomb. However, since you posted about attending Live in Nagisaen in 2016, mind to share some stuffs on how to obtain their Japan Tour concert ticket? I think you mentioned Amuse lottery or something?

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if I’m asking too much!

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