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#OORAmbitionsTourMNL – The Concert

Konnichassu and FINALLY!

The post everyone is waiting for and for #TeamBahay, #TeamAbroad, and #TeamLabas, this is the post that culminates what has transpired on that glorious night!

#TeamArena, I know you guys already experienced this… so I ask you now, are you ready to feel it again?

I made it as detailed as I accurately could to invoke whatever has been triggered on that night for all ONE OK ROCKers who would read this post.

Like in my 2016 post, I advise you guys to play the setlist as you read this entry. Read every part one by one, then listen to the song and imagine what I wrote. I do advise some of you to get tissues/towels and whatever that can dry you up. This may get you emotional.


(Note: もうすぐ日本語版もやります!)

Cover photo is shot by yours truly :)

Oh and by the way… Happy Monthsary to you lot!!!! Hahahaha! So evil!


If you are a fan of ONE OK ROCK for a long time, or you are just hearing them for the first time in your life, you would definitely hear a sentiment that says: ‘You are better off watching them in their home turf since their overseas lives are tamer and way too short’. As a fan who have seen them both live in Manila and Japan, such sentiment is true since by comparison, the 2016 first Manila live was shorter, the VFX are more simpler despite mirroring Japan’s, and there’s no interaction between the band and the fans. By comparison, the Japan lives are longer, have way more production power and the band has more fan interactions that would get any crowd roaring.

However, what happened on January 29, 2018 surely challenges that particular sentiment as it definitely wasn’t your usual ONE OK ROCK overseas live.

Despite the long wait fans had to endure before the live kicked in as final soundchecks and acoustics were done repeatedly for an hour or so to get everything in order, all of those pains were forgotten the very second the lights turned off and the fans gave ONE OK ROCK an entrance they would never forget as the beats of ‘Ambitions – Instrumental’ played in the background.

One by one, the band assumed their places in the elevated stage with fans shouting their approval and happiness that they are once again before the talented foursome. Phone flashlights also flared to life and sparkled in blues, reds, yellows and greens, making the Arena a mini planetarium as stars filled the band’s peripheral view. Although that wasn’t in the original plans by the fan groups, the impact it brought doubled the fans’ and the band’s anticipation for the live if the smiles of everyone were to be considered.

The lights then veered off to the colors of the album and Taka takes on center stage and begins with the first song of the night.

Bombs Away – One of my favorite songs of the new album and the introduction itself was chilling. Fans sang along with the band for the intro and the VFX reflected heartbeat or a guitar strum in black and white. As it was the World Tour, the version sang was in English but wow, first song and its already high intensity! Shards of glass appears loads of times in the background and the lights just dancing in the chorus! Suddenly, you get the idea that you aren’t in Manila anymore because of this production alone. Like in the 2016 live, Manila sang like a chorus regardless of Taka singing before us and you know what? The man doesn’t mind it and would raise up his mic and let us do the singing. He even commented “You guys are fu***** great!

Photo by JulenPhoto

Deeper Deeper – Crowd favorite, a classic and a staple to every ONE OK ROCK live since it was launched. I loved this when we sang to it in 2016 and 2018? The whole thing was surreal as everyone started the rhythm clapping in the intro and heard Taka’s signature high shriek. Surreal and don’t get me started with the VFX in the screens: blends of greens, reds and blues and the band just rocking all out! Taka even shouted out for the crowd to make some noise and we all responded to that in every line! The screens also showed closeups of the band and the still sparkling upper boxes! The second part showed the band doing their sync headbanging and the closeups of Toru and Ryota rocking. And yes, we also headbanged like life depended on it before Taka asked “Are you guys ready for this?”. The vocals in the ending, shivers in the spine! Not even a flaw on it and not even a stop! Fans are just blown away and admittedly, I am also blown away! Are we seriously just starting?!?!

Taking Off – Before beginning this next song, Taka starts off by saying “Hello everyone, we are ONE OK ROCK!” The crowd just ran wild with this and yes! They are ONE OK ROCK and yes! They are here! He continues off “We are back in the Philippines. How are you guys doing tonight? Are you guys fu*** ready to do this huh? Are you guys fu**** ready for this! Let’s make it a party tonight! Let’s go!

Photo by JulenPhoto

The VFX just dazzled as the intro beats of the song came in and Taka asks everyone to jump along with him. When the first part started, you would notice it was a clear blend of ONE OK ROCK and the crowd singing since well, it was resounding thanks to the acoustics of the Arena. I have to admit, this song can make you sing regardless of whether you are listening to the English or Japanese versions. You would also notice the crowd answering Taka’s every line as they sang. Taka would sing one line, the crowd sings the next line. The split screens also flared to life, showing the band side by side. In the second line, Taka asked fans to raise their hands and pumped them as the song went along. He also treated the crowd as he walked to the center stage, doing his signature jump after singing the second verse.

Cry Out – Without a pause, this song’s intro came in immediately after the last notes of Taking Off played. A short summary for this song because I honestly found myself lost in the whole image before me, its a lights spectacle! Red, white and blue light danced around the arena much like how this song is performed in Japan and in the 2016 live. Taka then called out to the crowd and said the title of the song, calling everyone to roar out loud!

Again, the version sang for this song is the English, but the signature backup vocals provided by Toru, Ryota and Tomoya were clear in the background just like in the Japanese version. Fans sang in the chorus as if responding to Taka’s lines and we were all mesmerized with the vocals in the final part of the song. Taka’s high notes took everyone’s breath away.

The lights also illuminated the entire arena as every line, every beat and every resounding shout was heard. The center ramp totally earned its keep that night as you would always see Taka zipping in it to go close to the crowd! We also did the sync clapping before the final verse and just cheered throughout that verse. We were really living the moment! The question and answer between the band and the crowd continued on as the final lines came in. Taka also shouted “Philippines” in the middle of it as Toru, Ryota and Tomoya did the final backup roars in the song. Ack! Where exactly are we?!?!

After Cry Out is the MC corner, something many fans found surprising as this was never done in the 2016 live and usually, it is only done in the band’s Japanese lives. Some overseas lives also had this MC time, but a long extent? Not by much. I did write it as a possibility in my “trends” post, but to experience it now… well, even I am shocked like all others. No one saw it coming! Are we seriously in Japan right now?!?!

Ryota begins the MC with his short Tagalog speech, “Kamusta ka? Kaya niyo pa ba? Sobrang nag-enjoy kami dahil nagpunta kayo!” (eng. How are you? Can you still do it? We are enjoying this live because you guys came)

The crowd definitely went wild as the speech, despite clearly hearing the accent, it was definitely in Filipino! Some may have just thought before this part that Tomoya would do the usual final words in the end like in the 2016 live.

Tomoya follows in with his brand of cuteness, something he already did in the 2016 live when he shouted those two Filipino words before leaving the stage. In the same language, he said “Magandang gabi, Pinas! Salamat dahil nagpunta kayo, sana mag-enjoy kayo, mahal ko kayo!” (eng. Good evening, Pinas! Thank you for coming. Hope you enjoy! I love you all!)

After Tomoya ended his speech with some wicked drumming and despite the fans cheering like crazy as they digested Tomoya’s little speech, Toru came along with his own line. In a slower manner, he said “Kamusta kayo? Masaya ako dahil nagpunta kayo, pinaghandaan namin ito kaya sana masaya kayo.” (eng. How are you? I’m happy you guys came. We prepared for this so hope you guys enjoy!) Toru is not one for the usual MCs and he is rarely heard in interviews in another language so when he spoke, well, his fans went wild and loud.

For his speech, Taka simply said “Salamat at nag punta kayo. At syempre dahil nagbalik kayo lahat. Ngayon, mas mag enjoy kayong lahat” (eng. Thank you because you guys came. And also, because you guys came back (for the second time to some members of the crowd). Today, hope you guys all enjoy!)

He then veers off from his cheat sheet and asked if their lines were ok as they only learnt it while on the backstage. He then said it was their first time learning “Tagalogu” (or something similar, my ears can’t give you a clear feed on this since the crowd was so loud), the crowd corrects him though and he then admits it was really really hard learning it. He then thanked everyone for coming and said its their second time in the country. He also said how they loved the first show in Manila and clearly said that the second time, that night, was ‘fu**** great already’ considering they only sang the first four songs so far. And amusingly after that, spoke in Japanese asking us to enjoy the night with them and stick around. Of course, we will!

Re:make – One classic ONE OK ROCK song right here and a big surprise when the Asian setlist was revealed in Bangkok. This song wasn’t performed in the 2016 Manila setlist and it last made an appearance in the Special Live in Nagisaen show in the same year. It is also one of the most requested songs when the second concert was announced.

The VFX yet again dazzled the crowd, adding to the ambiance and the feeling you aren’t in Manila anymore. The fans definitely showed they could sing the Japanese lyrics without fail and answered in the proper lines. We jumped and pumped our fists out and rocked with the band. When Taka said, “Let’s get crazy everybody!”, we just lost it and got blown away with the instrumental rifts from Ryota and Toru! It’s really so much better listening and watching this live!!!

Clock Strikes – Yet again another classic ONE OK ROCK masterpiece that we all loved in 2016 and pretty much when the song was introduced. The spotlight illuminated Taka as he sang the first lines of the song with purple lights showering the fans, Toru, Ryota and Tomoya. Despite the fact this song is in Japanese, fans sang without fault and you can definitely hear it resounding throughout the arena. Adding to the authenticity of this song and the feeling you were not in Manila anymore was the closeup of fans in the big screen and the phone lights adding to the ambiance.

In the second part of the song, Taka then called out to the crowd and said “Let’s sing it together Philippines!” The crowd agrees to this and sang with him indeed! Its also one big treat to see Taka belch those notes and the fans for matching it! The crowd also became a choir for Taka when the backup chorus started. He even shouted “Magaling!” (Eng. Great!) in the middle of it!

Bedroom Warfare – Admittedly this is one of the songs I have been waiting for since the Ambitions Japan Tour broadcast because the arrangement was unique. The lights were in blues and violets and random squiggles were in the background, reminding me of Taka’s collaboration with VANS and his tattooes. The instrumental in the beginning was also love! The crowd clapped in sync as they sang along with Taka and even shouted the line “Keep your enemies!” loud each time that part came in.

The instrumental rifts in the middle of this song gave us all chills! Not only was it shown on closeup on the big screen, the lights illuminated which band member was playing and did I forget to mention, this was not even the instrumental rift segment! The intensity was insane and we were really in it!

Wherever You Are – Awww, one of the 2016 favorites was in the line up that night and boy, oh boy! If there was a song that clearly got everyone’s heartstrings quivering, it was this song. The band did the recorded arrangement for this and not the acoustic like in the 2016 live. Then again, what made this song very magical that night and I think Taka himself would agree to it, is when the phone lights of various colors opened up again and the crowd chorus was back! In the screens, you would definitely see Taka’s eyes glittering and even nodded his approval to it after he finished the first verse of the song. Nice job Manila!

Photo by JulenPhoto

The lights didn’t falter throughout the song and I would share we waved our hands while singing along to the music. If you looked up or around wherever you may be that night, you would see waves of lights moving left and right. Sure we didn’t have any direction at all, but the impact it had was so beautiful. The closeups to the band also showed they were taking in the love Manila is showing them. This is also one of the songs you would get to hear Taka’s vocal prowress and he even smiled and said in the middle of it all “You guys are so beautiful. Thank you so much!

He also allowed the crowd to sing the second verses of the song just to add to the moment. Lights + crowd chorus = Proud ONE OK ROCK!

When the song ended with another Taka high notes, the crowd roared to life and he replied to that with “I love you so much! Thank you!

The lights were turned off again for the next verse and the spotlight then turned purple-ish in preparation for the next song.

One Way Ticket – I heard so much about this song from the early Asian lives so I was looking forward to hearing this song. Many kept saying it was a different arrangement and a special instrumental piece was added in it. At first, I honestly didn’t recognize the first guitar strings, but wow, when I did recognize it and looked at the stage… definitely changing my mindset. Toru’s chords would remind you of the instrumental strings from some of their old acoustics and a little bit of boho music. The crowd cheered like madness already in this part before the song began in earnest! In the first chorus, Taka even called for the fans to sing the final line for him.

Moshers also gotten so much Taka love as he stayed in the center ramp singing the second verse of the song. SImple lighting for this song, but wow, it was magical. He also did a long vocal piece before the final chorus.

Instrumental Rip Off – Definitely one of the crowd pleasers of the night and hey, Taka is always on front so its time for the other three to have their shot! According to my video editor and photog Faith, the song played for the instrumental rip-off is actually similar to Miyavi’s What’s My Name rift. That’s something i just learnt that day, you can check YouTube for that little tidbit. But hey, no matter who did the original piece, the blending of the trio was insanely good and it was like seeing three gods battle it out. Adding to the special effects of this song is the background and light VFX. Rock mode is so on!

Tomoya then started counting to begin the next song!

Bon Voyage – This next song got us all feeling like dancing as the intro bits, wow! Since when did ONE OK ROCK rehearse this part as a dance huh?!? We all cheered as Taka, Ryota and Toru moved in sync with one another, dancing to the intro instrumentals. The steps were actually easy to learn but seeing them do it was out of this world! Front shuffle, then some twirling… gah, someone should have recorded this or better yet, have ONE OK ROCK record this for a video or something! I think if it was ever recorded, we would have shuffled along in our places. I think my mind lagged when I saw that dance step… I think it’s not just me! Hahaha! We also jumped loads of times, especially when Taka called for us to jump! We also responded when he called for noise and we did. Shame Tomoya couldn’t move in his place. He would have shown us how to move with this song.

I was King – This song came in next after Bon Voyage and well, it was filled with yellows, oranges and the official animation for the MV. Admittedly not one of my favorites from the album, but as they say, you will always change your mind when you hear the live version.

Taka begins the song by asking the fans if they know the song and asked if they could sing along with him. The crowd responds to this happily and sang along as the song starts in earnest. You would even hear the crowd doing the background vocals for Taka each time each verse ends and hands are waving as they sang along. One would also notice Taka reaching out to the fans with his gestures, enticing one and all to sing along. If I were to be ask to compare what image came to my mind for this song? I’d say we were like a big lion pride and us paying respect to the pack leader… The song’s title and the image that came to me is quite appropriate.

Anyway, returning to the song, Taka also stopped a bit in the second part of the song to listen to the fans sing along. I don’t think us fans that night stopped singing along with him despite the possibility of us losing our voices by the end of it. Toru even pumped his hand up in the air as fans sang the chorus. Taka allowed the fans to sing one part of it and slowly walked to the ramp to hear us roar out. His vocals for this song are also top notch for this song since the last parts are quite high.

Take What You Want – This next song would get your bones totally shivering since the arrangement was very very unique. At first, fans were roaring despite the band having their heads down preparing for this next song. Fans did notice this and slowly quiet down and while there were a few who didn’t get the picture, it quieted down after a while. When it did and at least after a minute of silence, we were all shook when Taka took that as a cue and sang the first lines acapella. Hearing him sing it live and in that silence similar to the Japanese live intro was haunting since all you can hear on this part was his voice and his voice alone. It didn’t have a quiver, it was all so pure.

When he ended that line, the fans sang along and the lights danced along with us. Definitely a cool jam for this one. What was memorable was when Taka went to the crowd and asked if they could do the instrumental/background solos. The long “Ohhhh” part of the song if you guys want to be specific. We responded and I think that was the longest crowd choir instrumental I have heard since it was around a minute and 30 seconds. Taka then knelt on the center ramp as we did this part, took everything in and the lights just illuminated him. WOW. That was magical!

Photo by JulenPhoto

As thanks to the crowd’s choir solo, Taka gave a heart and flying kiss to all which got girls and I suppose guys shaking after the song was over. Awww you poor girls and boys. Don’t worry, you are not alone!

The Beginning – If there is a song that night that would get anyone’s body pumping, it’s the national anthem of every Filipino ONE OK ROCKers. We know this song by heart, it brought most of the fans to ONE OK ROCK and they know it. When the instrumentals for this song came on, Manila roared to life and lights from phones came glittering in the crowds adding to the song’s introduction. Taka was highlighted in blue light and reached out to the crowd as he sang the first lines with the crowd. According to Veronica, a fellow PR of mine, she shared some of the fans were also reaching out. I was too busy looking at Taka as this song, no matter how many times I saw it live, gets me emotional and I think everyone feels the same way. The moshpit also certainly made our day that night since we all jumped, headbanged and just roared with it. We owe this song our respect and respect we gave it that night.

Mighty Long Fall – There wasn’t any clear pause between this song and the previous song and Taka roared out “We only have two songs ready. You guys still good? Are you guys ready!” before singing out this song. The lights flared to life as well and although it was the English version they sang, everyone was headbanging and roaring with the lyrics. Definitely one of my favorite songs in the line up and hey, if The Beginning is the National Anthem of the Filipino ONE OK ROCKers, this song is its pledge of allegiance or something.

One of the major highlights of this live and truly something the 2016 crowd who were there that night would definitely be proud of is the fact the moshpit responded clearly to Taka’s request. When the instrumentals of the song came in, Taka shouted out he wants to see the circle pit and boy did the mosh respond. From reports I gathered from the UB areas and some who were there in the mosh, almost three circle pits were made (wow, girls ruled the mosh too) and Taka approved of it, and the family headbanging was also done! Yes Manila we have done it! Wall of Death wasn’t requested, but hey, the circle pit was still done and it was huge! Sadly I was not in the circle pit since I was in the side, but hey, I saw how it moved from my place and it was magnificent. I’ved seen it done in Nagisaen loads of times, but seeing Manila do it… proud moment!

Once the song was over, the lights were turned off for a bit and Toru’s guitars were heard. We all knew it was the last song for the main list and we definitely wanted to show the fan project for it. It was also the song that we are proud to sing and if The Beginning wasn’t in the setlist, this would have been the national anthem that night.

The band then were shown and Taka commented his approval to Manila’s audience, saying “You guys are killing tonight! You guys are f-*** great!” He then thanked Manila for giving them another great time during their visit and then asks the crowd if they were ready to sing the last song for the night. Of course, the crowd responds at this as we didn’t all want it to end. Taka then continued on by saying “If you know the words, if you know the song, please sing as loud as you can.”

When Taka said the title “We Are”, the colors in the dark begins in earnest and the choir chorus begins once more.

The instrumental sequences of We Are began and the crowd, much to everyone’s utter delight – especially the band’s – sang the first verse without fail and everything came to place. The VFX and the lights were reminiscent to the official MV of the song and boy oh boy, that was a sight to see. You see bars of light in the background, changing as the music changes and the spotlight didn’t fail to emphasize this song’s moment. There were times Taka would stop singing and just let the crowd sing. He took everything in and it was amazing to see him that night surrounded by these mini stars. I couldn’t see much from the others but I did see Toru gazing at the whole thing in approval too whenever the camera passes him.

Photo by JulenPhoto

The crowd also sang the second chorus with Taka adding another blend to it by singing the last lines of the chorus with his long vocals. Toru, of course, did not disappoint and also came to the center aile when his guitar solo came in. I wonder what could have happened if we all sang the Japanese version that night as we originally intended … then again, what happened in that live was magnificent to the point we knew we did it right and the band knew it.

Ryota also moved in to the center ramp with Taka when the second crowd chorus came in and wow, we didn’t miss a beat. It was Manila’s We Are. I wouldn’t be surprised if tears poured out from some fans. It was extraordinary to be there and sing this song… and those lights, Ahh…

Photo by JulenPhoto

When it ended and Taka’s left hand up saying we’re number one, the crowd cheered and continued to watch as Taka looked up in the sky, taking in Manila’s energy with Tomoya beating the final parts of the song.

The cheering got louder after that image and we all watched the band get out of their places to bow to the crowd. However, even before the band could even leave the stage, fans were already shouting for an encore. Shouts of “We want more”, “Encore”, and “ONE OK ROCK” resounded the arena and if you spy the eyes of the band despite them leaving, one would clearly say they were amused by it all. The lights dimmed a little when they did leave and yet, the crowd still called for more.

It didn’t take long for the band to return to their places, Taka then asking the crowd “Want more songs right?”. The crowd definitely answers a definite yes and got to clapping as the next song, “American Girls” came into view. The lights were even amusing in my opinion since it was red, white and blue, colors of the American flag and even the Philippine flag. It’s admittedly not my favorite song in the line up, but again, opinions fly out of the window when you hear it live. The lights were dancing along with the crowd and get you dancing.

On the second verse of the song, the lyrics suddenly change and from American girls, its Filipina girls. It was expected, but hey, the change is correct you know! They are in Manila so it should be Filipina girls! It was only for the second verse though so in the following ones, it is American girls.

Photo by JulenPhoto

After the song, we all thought that they would sing the final song for the night almost immediately since that was what happened in the 2016 live. However, like the king that he is, Taka pumped up the crowd by putting his hand in his left ear, silently demanding the crowd to shout out for more or else they wouldn’t sing the final song. He gestured to his left, trying to hear the crowd cheer, then the right, then the center and as if he wasn’t satisfied (with Ryota saying the same thing), he then gestured as if saying ‘forget it, you guys are not loud enough’ and almost left the stage with the rest of the band.

Fans, of course, didn’t take this lying down and brought their volumes up to the point, and in my humble opinion, the only thing you’ll hear is the crowd and nothing else. The volume was just immense.

The band – who all remained in the sidelines – all laughed at this and acknowledged their defeat in the hands of Manila’s crowd and took their places with a smile. I hope they didn’t go deaf like I did when we roared against Taka’s tease.

Taka then said “Let’s get crazy one more time Philippines. Are you ok? Are you guys ready?” then said the title of the final song.

Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer – If there was a perfect song that could end any ONE OK ROCK live, its this one. Although there weren’t any inflatables in the mix like the 2016 one, the VFX and the screen closeups of the band were sure enough to keep the crowd going. Taka and Toru delighted many fans as they zipped and zapped in the stage and well, Ryota and Tomoya also did their crowdpleasers, especially when the closeups were shown. There was even one part where Taka second-guessed himself in launching himself to the mosh but unfortunately, the barricade didn’t permit him. Blame dear barricade moshers. LOL.

In the final half of the song, the trio – Taka, Toru and Ryota – took the center ramp and played their hearts out! My spot was spot on in seeing this in full focus and wow, Toru and Ryota were headbanging in sync even if they were facing different sides. Taka even lied down on the ramp while singing as the crowd and his bandmates roared all out. Wow, I only saw him do this in Shizuoka in the ending (Nagisaen) but here… Wow! Manila, you definitely gotten quite a lot this year!

Photo by JulenPhoto

Once the final song was over, the band made their way one by one to the ramp and waved at their adoring Manila crowd. Toru even threw some of his guitar picks to lucky fans. Tomoya also launched his drumsticks in the crowd. That wasn’t the only thing fans gotten from the band as Taka had also thrown in the towels they used during the live.

After that, they were given the official banner from Manila after it was thrown to the stage and posed with it for the class picture of sorts with the Manila crowd. Julen got everyone going by doing his monster count and everyone roared out for the photos. Yay! One for the books Manila!!!

When the final photo was taken, the band then took the center ramp holding hands and bowed before the Manila crowd, thanking everyone for coming. Our response was definitely something the band heard as we all cheered for them. I think no matter if we originally planned to shout Thank You to them as they did this part, our cheers were enough to show our appreciation and love for the band. After all, touring like this isn’t really easy and for them to always perform this high in every live is a testament to their dedication. Our cheers are their treasure and it’s something to note yeah?

Before they had their final look of Manila’s still cheering and adoring crowd and left the stage, Tomoya melts the hearts of everyone yet again when he said “Mahal ko kayo”. Fans, of course, cheered up with that and shouted hoarsely their love for the drummer and thought everything was already finished. Some were even looking at their phones to text their love ones and so on.

However, Taka, who remained in the stage last, goes in for the kill and adds with a smile and without a warning “See you soon” before leaving the stage. The response of the crowd was immediate and clearly marked yet another promise that is sure to fuel fans until their return.

As the lights were turned on, fans were buzzing in amazement as a common question came into their minds ‘Did that just happen?’ The performance level was unlike anything else and for the old-timers, that was comparable to the Japan lives. Sure, the length wasn’t the same, but the experience? Definitely nothing like the 2016 or any other overseas lives the band has done for quite a long time. It was Japan in Manila and boy, oh boy, it was money well-spent.

As everyone prepared to go home on that special night, one sentiment would come to my mind. You don’t really have to go to Japan to experience music like ONE OK ROCK’s at its finest no matter what others say. Why even go to another country when you can experience it right here in your own country? PULP Live World has definitely pulled out all the stops for this year’s live and with Taka’s mischievous final words to the crowd that night, the next one is something #TeamBahay, #TeamAbroad, #TeamLabas and those included in #TeamArena should definitely not miss.

When will the Filipino fans see ONE OK ROCK in Manila again? Considering the trends, we may see them in two years time or maybe earlier with their new album or project. If you ask me, Manila will always be in the band’s Asian stopovers regardless of when it will be held or whatever problems may have rose up during the live. My still ringing ears and admittedly PCD-ailing heart would definitely be a testament to that.

Here are some other extra photos I took from the after live! YAY! Like my previous post about photos, if you are here, do say a holler!!! I also added the other photos sent to me by fans. Thank you very much!!! (Prolonging PCD… how could you Mei? Hahahaha)


Ahhhh! The sign.





Thanks to Erica for these shots!



Folks from Team Cebu! Thanks to Mae!


Grouppie with my friends Sigrid and Kim and my rag-tag group for this live, Julia (whom we converted that night) and Faith. Special thank you to the photographer of this shot, Aivje


Of course, end the note with a photo of these guys. Thank you for your hard work admins of the Philippines’ ONE OK ROCKers! Till the next live you guys!!!


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The struggle against PCD is real and I must say if its because of these boys, many would be ok to struggle with PCD until the next live happens whenever it is so Taka, please, be true to your word coz the community will be waiting patiently (or impatiently) for the next one.

And of course, we thank PULP Live World and Amuse Asia for bringing them back here. We’re going to wait as patiently as we could for the next one (hopefully we could after this. Hahaha).

Have you returned back in time with this post? I sure hope so! See you guys after 2 years again… or maybe earlier… you never know.

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