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ONE OK ROCK 2018 Ambitions Dome Tour – Nagoya Day 2


We’re finally in this second half of Day 3 of Mei’s Nagoya Experience 2018 and Day 2 of ONE OK ROCK’s Nagoya Dome performance! Hahaha! Nagoya Dome is a dream for me even if there’s no mosh. Sigh mosh! You better appear in the next live! Hahaha!

Again, I will begin with the photos then the live report. The live report for this day will be a bit short since the entire performance itself was flawless like the previous day. I will note which differed! (Thanks again in advance to my friend Ayra for the cheat sheet for the MC which I didn’t understand. Hahaha)

You can read Day 1 right here!!



Here’s Nagoya Dome again. Still filled with people for the merch! Hahaha!


Before meeting my friend Kirst, who flew from Davao to also watch the live – and also went to see her family in Shizuoka -, I opted to try my luck in finding lunch in AEON Nagoya Dome. I ended up passing by this Ad board beside stalls selling binoculars. Hahaha, Nagoya Dome is huge and if you are in the stands, you can’t see the boys perform clearly. The binoculars were around 1,500 yen to 3,500 yen depending on how well you want it to work.


Look how empty it is. If you look on the other side, its filled with people. Hahaha!



When my search for lunch was slightly fruitless (since i couldn’t dine in any of the restaurants due to the long lines), I went on my way to Nagoya Dome and saw these banners! I didn’t write. It’s the Japanese banners. I’d definitely write it was the Philippine banner.


View of the merch stalls from where I found my friend Kirst and her sister.


Here’s me and my friend Kirst. Haha, bubbly as always since I last saw her in January. We even called our crazy friend Jumilove, who took screenshots of her and us for her collection of odd selfies in Facebook. I look cool with my mask. Hahaha!


Since I had to wait for Mai, I said my goodbyes to Kirst and her sister and went to the same sitting area we stayed in the previous day. While waiting, I took this short video for one of my crazy followers (You know who you are). While taking this video, my fingers were so cold! Hahahaha! It was so windy!


When Mai arrived, we got to see this banner and watched as the Japanese OOR group handling this banner (and the ones from early) were posing for a group photo. Eventually, we got pulled in to pose with the rest of the crowd as seen below!

Me and my friend Mai are actually in this video! Try spotting us!!! (If you are looking at it, we’re in the right). すべてのあなたの努力をありがとう!

Here’s the still picture too!!! Hahaha! (ありがとう、チマコさん!)


Here’s a picture of me with my bubbly friends Mai and Ayra. We originally asked someone to take a photo of us with the Nagoya Dome sign on the backdrop but the Japanese guy who took our photo didn’t get the concept we wanted so we had to resort to a selfie after. (Apparently, Ayra commented the guy noticed we took a selfie and saw our reactions when we checked the photo he took).


When we got to our seats (Stands close to the main stage, Toru side), I practically dug into my cold yet very delicious yakisoba from Rikyu. Its 800 yen and fortunately for me, they were selling it bento style to accommodate the number of people in Nagoya Dome. I did find it a bit spicy in the end for some odd reason. Hahaha!


Live report right here… but as noted, it was a perfect perfect show (YES I LOVE YOU NAGOYA!). Here are some of the interesting things that happened though:

– Introductions were quite interesting. I did notice Tomoya sounded like he had a cold since his voice was a bit different that night as compared to the previous day. Ryota now had the scarf missing in his head… but it does reappear in MC time.

– MC time was hilarious as always. The first topic was about driving, with Taka admitting he doesn’t drive and doesn’t have a license (he also admits he didn’t like the whole paperwork that comes with owning a car… my dad would likely help you with that hahaha). Ryota actually drives, but never really drove. He even caused an accident to happen. As we all know, Toru does drive – him and that convertible Porsche of his – and apparently, so does Tomoya. Taka added that Toru would keep changing cars each time something new goes out, with Toru pretty much saying the crowd didn’t need to know that. (I now remember Toru’s usual complaints about Taka’s shopping habits. Eating your words Toru-sama?).

– There was also a part where they talked about how they all rode a HiAce with their manager and joyride to every live hall they performed. Tomoya apparently drives the van sometimes. And now, well, they moved to bullet trains, then airplanes and come in the future, haha, their own personal jet (Which happened in Fukuoka).

– Ryota also took the MC show again because Taka yet again teased the lovable bassist about his interesting accessory and we ended up finding out it is an Hermes scarf (Which he actually now used as a scarf and he said he didn’t get a good reaction from yesterday’s crowd when he wore it as a headpiece). Taka asked the crowd who wanted it and all of us were like “Gimme!!!” Considering it was a Hermes scarf, Ryota was initially hesitant to give it to give it and it was apparently special to him since he wore it throughout the Nagoya lives. Eventually, Ryota pointed to one in the crowd that is on clear view from the audience and Taka himself handed it. Of course, before the fan would say it came from Taka, Ryota said “That’s actually from me, ok. Take good care of it.” Man, how much is that scarf?!?!

Toru did have a nice opinion to add when the scarf was handed to the lucky fan “Make sure to wash it” since it has not been washed since yesterday”. Hahahaha!

– Taka also spoke about them being Japan’s number one and the possible future of OOR. The first part was quite interesting. Sure, there’s a lot of bands in Japan that vies for the top but ONE OK ROCK has definitely made its mark (I think the only band with the same level of international influence OOR has right now is Babymetal but they are a metal band. Not a rockband). Taka also said that no matter what happens to them (lose his voice for Taka’s case, break his arm on Toru’s case, break his leg for Tomoya’s case and Ryota pretty much losing his already crazy mind), they will still continue what they are doing because they are Japan’s best!

– They also spoke about Etcetra this time, especially the MV. Ryota remarked that when the MV would show Taka’s reflection on the mirror, they would all say to him that he was too round and he needed to lose some weight. Eventually, he did lose weight and there you go 12 years later. Hahaha!

– For Wherever You Are, Taka spoke about the difficulties the band faced since they formed. He touched about them becoming a foursome and the fact they didn’t have any music videos at all. When this specific song came out, there wasn’t even a music video for it, nor was it a single. But then, it became a song that everyone truly loves and would still listen to even today. That cements the part where we should all say, this is how far you guys have come now.

– Before Last Dance, Taka the drummer came into play and it was interesting to see he prepared an actual 1 minute number for us with just the drums. Impressive. Now I have to see you perform with a piano live. He also tried to throw some of the picks used by Toru during the acoustic stage, but it ended up falling on the ground and not on the fans (from the acoustic stage, there was a big gap before the barricades where the crowd was).

– Take What You Want was still in its scary form. Sadly, the first part, where you would usually hear nothing at all, was dashed by some calls from the crowd. But, the song was still that deep and Taka’s vocals were at its best.

– Change for the encore’s first song and Taka interestingly declared it was the beginning of ONE OK ROCK’s next chapter. I must admit this declaration should be backed up. Hahaha. I wonder if they will be able to recreate the power of their great hits for this next series. We’ll see.

– Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer yet again made Toruka history. In this case, Taka gave Toru a super sweet backhug that would likely kill any Toruka-fan in sight. Hahaha! It was very sweet and well, since Taka was too amused by all of it, he didn’t sing his lines. We did. Hahaha.

– A young OOR fan also got a shock after the performance since Taka pretty much called to him and handed some signed merch from them.

– When the song ended and all the other extras were done, Taka spoke to the crowd that it was his last concert as a 20-ish year old and said it has been fun. Toru did ask if he had something to say about it. Taka just said he was a geezer now and he’ll continue to do his best.

– Of course, fans will be surprising fans because before the guys left the stage, one fan loudly started singing “Happy Birthday” and we all followed suit. We only sang up to “Happy birthday dear Taka”, but his reaction! Priceless! Toru, Tomoya and Ryota ruffled the stunned Tenno as he was wrapped in all of the Nagoya banners. I think he wanted to cry or something since never would he expect being sung like that in that large of a crowd, but hey, he was serenaded for a change (Its usually Toru who gets shockers on his birthday). Nagoya, you are one special crowd.


Here are some other photos I took after the live and their mini-stories!!!


When we got out of the Dome, it was not raining (Thank God). I’m definitely going to miss this place.


Here’s a pic of me and Ayra after a few tries since we were walking to the station here. Mai had to leave in the middle of the live because she had to catch a flight back to Manila. Turns out the flight she got was delayed so much and she could have finished the live.


When we got back in Sakae, Ayra and I found this band performing. Interestingly enough, they performed Wherever You Are too since every OOR fan who stopped at Sakae Station kept passing by where this indie band setup. But the lyrics were all botched up. Hahaha! I also ended up like a popsicle as the wind was so cold. Hannah also caught up with me while I watched this band perform. I do have a video of it, maybe I’ll share it in YouTube.


Hisaya-odori Park and Nagoya TV Tower at night!


On my way home, I found this standee of Lupin III and the gang. Man they look fresh in this illustration!


Dinner for me on Day 3 is Familymart Chicken! It was pretty good! KFC good!



Also this! This is a gift from Hannah to me. I actually had asked her to give me these cookies since I found out Ben’s Cookies had a branch in Seoul. She bought one for herself and apparently blames me for teaching her about it since it was so good. Hahaha! As I write this, I actually am craving for it again since i ate my last cookie from this pack. (SEND ME SOME MORE!)


I also borrowed a laptop from the hotel to try doing some work. The rent per night is 1,000 yen and you get a laptop which has Windows 7 in it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do any work at all because the laptop was not updated at all so I can’t access Google, Skype and my other work-related sites. It was crazy. I tried to update it but each time it restarts, the apps vanish so it was pointless.


After some food and mini work, slept! This is a pic of my window.


More photo filled entries coming soon! Most of it is going to be my Nagoya travels so hope you stick around for it!

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