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It’s been aaaaaaaaagggeess since I posted here and with good reason to be completely honest! Since #OORAmbitionsTourMNL ended, I have been preparing for another madness and that is the ONE OK ROCK 2018 Ambitions Dome Tour in Nagoya! Yes! I am happily going for both days and it is my first Dome concert! It is kinda sad it isn’t in Tokyo Dome, but I am itching to return back to Nagoya because in my last visit, I barely got to enjoy the place. It’s going to be a vacation of sorts! Hahaha! A short one, but a vacation nonetheless.

Anyway! For the first backlog… or something, for the blog, I will be answering this fun inquiry I got in my e-mail here just a few hours ago from Johanna! She asked if I could give some advice on how to purchase ONE OK ROCK merchandise and get it shipped to her native land, Germany. I wanted to answer her via email but she said she didn’t have an email so I will just answer her with this post. I might as well do this because as a fan who doesn’t live in the land where our favorite foursome lives, it is a must know that you know how to fulfil your ONE OK ROCK fill when you are far away!

I will be sharing some of my experiences and tips in some of these shops. I also included some other shops where you can check, but I will add them based on their credibility and the amount of merch they got. If I miss a few, fill free to comment so I can update this for future references.

1. A!Smart
URL: http://asmart.jp
Price: in Yen

If you want every ONE OK ROCK merchandise that is sold for the Japanese fanbase, Amuse’s A!Smart is the shop to be. A!Smart is the main marketplace for Amuse’s official talent roster and their official partners and as such, all their talents’ official merchandise are sold here. Tour clothes? DVDs? Accessories? You name it! ONE OK ROCK is under Amuse/ A-Sketch Japan so they have a shop here and it is regularly updated.

Previously, you would need to have a Japanese address to make an account here (which can be bypassed with a Tenso account), but last year, A!Smart has launched an international site where you can browse your favorite talent’s merchandise in English, purchase it and get it shipped to you wherever you may be. As far as I am aware, you will still need to have a Tenso account even if you buy in the International site so you can save shipping fees. Tenso enables you to select from EMS, SAL, Registered to Parcel shipping, but if you have the money to spare, you can pick the DHL option to get your items shipped no matter where you are in just a few days. I haven’t tried the international version yet since I have an old A!Smart account, but some friends of mine have tried it and it is quite good.

What’s another great thing with A!Smart’s ONE OK ROCK shop? You can get access to some of the band’s previous merchandise from their past tours that is still on stock and also pre-order when their new Japan tour merchandise are out. Of course, you have to be quite quick to purchase when pre-orders start in A!Smart because they do tend to get sold out upon release since it is linked to the Japanese site.

2. Yahoo! Japan Auctions
URL: http://auctions.yahoo.co.jp
Price: In Yen

Looking for a rare ONE OK ROCK merchandise from years back or some exclusive goodies only sold in special events? This is your paradise! As the name implies, this place is an auction market and whatever merch you may be looking for, it must be here. Just simply type “ONE OK ROCK” on the search box and look for the merchandise you need. Since some of the merchandise here are quite rare, like signed CDs, concert tickets, replicas of the band’s clothes, and others, the prices do vary based on their rarity and status. Unfortunately, if you are an international buyer, to be able to purchase from this place, you need to use a proxy service to bid for you and get the item you want since payment options for auctioned items must be done with local Japanese bank accounts or payment options. Some examples of proxy services you can try out are Buyee, Zenmarket, and DeJapan (which I currently use). Please remember, these proxy sites may have extra fees when you use them so best double check their prices before you go bid.

Tip: Since this site is mostly in Japanese, use Google Chrome to browse this place. Google Chrome has an translate feature that would translate websites to English if they are in Japanese and so on. Please remember the English translation may not be accurate so it is best you get a friend who knows Japanese to help you browse this place. You can also ask the proxy sites to inquire for you if you have a question about the item.

Special note, I have yet to try signing up to this place using my proxy address and do the bidding myself so I can’t give you a good advice on this if you asked.

3. Amazon Japan
URL: http://amazon.co.jp
Price: In Yen

The name itself is a big give away about this place. Much like its American and British counterparts, Amazon Japan features a wide variety of goods sold in Japan and in the world, including ONE OK ROCK merchandise. Some of the things they sell in Amazon Japan pertaining to ONE OK ROCK are the CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, Magazines (Japanese-release/International-release, and some merchandise. I recommend this place when purchasing CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and Magazines because they are cheaper than the A!Smart site at times. Since it is from the Amazon network, you can select the option of shipping the items straight to your international address. However, best make sure it is cheap because when I tried checking out shipping directly to the Philippines with my Amazon Japan account, it is quite expensive like getting it shipped via DHL. If you want to save some money, you can register an account with your Tenso address to get it shipped to a proxy Japanese address before getting it shipped to you. You can also use proxy shopping services to buy it for you.

Tip: Don’t purchase tour merchandise here because they are sometimes double the price than that displayed in A!Smart.

4. HMV
URL: http://hmv.com
Price: In Yen

This site is similar to Amazon Japan in nature, a popular retail site of anything entertainment and that includes ONE OK ROCK merchandise. Like A!Smart, HMV has an international site for international buyers so they can purchase their favorite artist’s goodies (DVDs/Blu-Rays/Magazines) and get it shipped straight to you. The shipping is usually EMS and it is quite reasonable in price so you won’t really have anything to worry about excessive shipping fees. They do also accept international credit or debit cards so best load up when you purchase here! They also regularly host promos so if you want to buy more than one DVD or Blu-ray, you may end up getting a discount when you purchase here!

5. CDJapan
URL: http://cdjapan.co.jp
Price: In Yen/ Dollar

This is one of the pioneer sites when it comes to purchasing Japan goods and if you want some ONE OK ROCK DVDs, Blu-Rays and Magazines, you can come to this place. They ship anywhere and accept international credit cards. Prices are usually close to those sold in the other sites. I haven’t tried this place yet, but some say it is quite good.

6. Yes!Asia
URL: https://www.yesasia.com/
Price: In Dollar/ Local Currency

Like CDJapan, Yes!Asia is another site where you can purchase Japan goods like DVDs, Blu-Rays and Magazines and get it shipped worldwide. They do convert the price in USD and in your local currency so it is easier to compute. I also haven’t tried this place, but its a good place to start if you also have some other Japanese/Chinese/Korean merchandise to pick alongside your ONE OK ROCK merch.

7. Facebook Groups
Price: Depends on the Group

ONE OK ROCK has a pretty big fanbase and if you want some of the rare merchandise sold in Asia, Europe or US, you can check out the local fangroups based in Facebook if some fans are selling their spare merchandise. Of course, make sure these groups will allow you to join their team as some groups are region-specific or country-specific. I haven’t seen a global ONE OK ROCK marketplace in Facebook yet in their Marketplace feature, but with some luck, you may find one or two ONE OK ROCK merch sold here.

8. Facebook Shop Pages
Price: Depends on Shop Location

Some fans open up mini stores on Facebook to sell their merchandise and ONE OK ROCK fans are no exception to this. In the Philippines, there are small shops offering proxy shopping service for fans hoping to get official merchandise. Try searching Facebook pages for these small fan shops selling ONE OK ROCK merch and if you stumble upon one, ask if they can ship overseas. Please do note the prices may be a bit more expensive since these are small businesses and they may come from far countries so shipping can be a bit pricy.


Well, there you have it! Hope this guide will help you start your merchandise collection. Frankly speaking it is a very expensive business, but once you start, it never ends! Hahaha!

I will be posting more stuff soon! Until then!! Happy Easter!!!!

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    1. You can check out Tsutaya and Tower Records since they have special stalls for bands. Most of the things they may sell are CDs, DVDs and BD. Most of the other merch can only be purchased online :)

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