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twenty-sevens to twenty-eights

Konnichassu everyone!

It has been ages since I did a last full-fledged blog and this one was supposed to have been posted after my birthday. It has been a busy few months since my last post (not counting the super late finale of the #yourmeiinapril post) and I must say I kinda gotten a little busy coz of offline work. My mother had been in the US for three months so I had to handle her work on top of mine and that was one chaos brewing disaster if i may say so myself. Since she got back in August, I am slowly reorganizing my schedule so I have been straying away from this place till that is done. Sadly, it is not going so well in my end because I am now tackling my dad’s work as he is in the US. Thankfully it is not as taxing as the one before but I am making do.

Work has changed a bit as well. Currently working on this new company in Australia, can’t wait to be able to use it when I come visit in the near future. I’m totally a newbie when it comes to Australia stuff but it has been crazy. Can’t share much details yet about the project, but once it is complete, I will share that bit to all of you.

It’s crazy to think I turned 28 this year. This year has been crazy just like the past few years. I have witnessed history again for ONE OK ROCK fans in the Philippines with the Ambitions Asia Tour, got myself into another magazine special, and ended up flying across the pond to witness the culmination of the Ambitions and saw the Nagoya leg of the Ambitions Dome Tour. Unfortunately, I was not able to watch their Orchestra Tour this month, but I suppose there is another live of theirs that I can watch and go crazy with.

Outside my usual 10969 history for the year, family is going to be bigger next year and I cannot wait to meet my new nephew! I am going to spoil him rotten just like how I spoil my other nephew. We’ll also be having a small tour around the Asia and hopefully in Europe next year and I cannot wait. Sadly, my dearest niece is plotting my wallet’s death with her new addition of BTS so… yikes!

As for other things? Well, I will be posting another great highlight for the year in a few. For now, I hope my 28th will be as crazy as my 27th and I know it will be crazy once I manage to pull off the impossible before I turn 29. Whatever that is, I think you guys will enjoy reading about it!

Wait for my next entry in a few!!!

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