Well, someone is back and I do have some announcements for this blog update and the other posts will come (Yeah, I have that delayed A1 post, then another one! Which is appropriate for the coming year!)

First off is… well, the title says it! I started a Patreon account which I suppose is long overdue. Patreon is pretty much a place where creators like me can get support for our creations. In exchange for support, us creators will pledge something cool.

In my case, I decided to make a Patreon to keep my blogging life separate from my work and of course, its kinda hard to let go of this place even if you don’t update it very often. Maybe with Patreon, I will be able to make a change with my lifestyle and fulfil some dreams.

If you want to check out my account and pledge, its http://www.patreon.com/kythe .

Yep, gotten my handle and everything there (lucky me!). The rewards are listed there and even included the 10969 pack which pretty much sums up that I can help with one’s fangirl/fanboy dreams with some extras!

The next announcement is that I will be revising this place soon. Yes, if I get patrons to help me out, I will be able to finally give this place a fresh coat of paint and content.

The next posts are also in progress. Can’t wait to post them since I have everything uploaded and all! Now, time to listen to some LSS while writing it!

Yay for Comments!

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