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2018 in a Glimpse


Well, in just a few minutes, 2018 will be making its goodbye and 2019 will be making its big hello.

2018 has been another crazy year for me and it echoes my 2016, if not more to be completely amusing. The year began with ONE OK ROCK as they rocked Manila for the second time around and man! it was better than ever! Expecting a lot of great things for their return back to Manila in 2 years time (if they will go along with the usual route) and may we finally sold-out the entire MOA Arena, and me, well may that dream of mine finally come true. Did make my stamp on this live again with another cover!

It was also great seeing my good friends, whom I only speak to online and whenever our favorite foursome makes a splash. Really crazy!

Then, went off to Japan again for their Dome Tour. Finally crossed off some of my firsts in Japan like see an actual stadium (Nagoya Dome), saw sakura (after an exhausting hike), went up one of the TV towers of Japan (Nagoya Tower) and a bunch of other things. Hopefully, next year’s Japan trip will be filled with more firsts. I already have next year’s trip guide so I cannot wait!

Work wise, well, working on some great stuff with my Australian co-workers since i got hired in the mid half of the year. Hopefully next year we can launch some great things but for now, I am keeping mum about the details. Also working on some other projects to fund all my trips for the incoming year!

Latter half of the year? Wow, saw another blast from the past with A1 as they made their return to Manila as a foursome. So much feels that night! Add to that is the planning for our elementary school’s grand alumni party for its 25th founding year. My first half of 2019 is that busy hahahaha. I also got to see my alma mater again but not on the inside, next year I will.

And well, we will be welcoming a new addition next month in the family. I had been quite a seer to determine the gender of our new addition and I can’t wait to meet the little bundle.

As far as the rest of the world is concerned? We also experienced a lot of highs and lows this year. Hopefully, the incoming year changes all that.

What does Mei think about 2019? Well, it will be busy from the month it begins to the month it ends. I foresee my wallet hating me for all the trips and spending I will be doing, but you only live once they say and I am turning 29. Last year on my 20s. Man, I need to do something about that! But, no matter how it goes, I shall live it with a bang. Kamis are like that. hahaha!

May the incoming year be as crazy as mine looks and let’s all have a good one! Happy New Year!!!

PS. Autumn Sky will be on open hiatus with this blog entry, by the way. I will be changing the layout because of the glitches I have been noticing.

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