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DIY Harry Potter Wand


Happy happy Christmas to one and all! May this Christmas be filled with cheer for you and your family!

Christmas for me, as I write this, is pretty much like a normal day. The weather has been good unlike the past few days which has been raining like hell. Though, its due to the Low Pressure Areas entering the country. The kids pretty much gotten the gifts this year, which is ok. Took a short break from work as well, but I will be working later tonight unless my eyes droop like crazy and make me sleep. I am actually sleepy now since my body clock hasn’t been fixed for a while now. Must change for the incoming year.

Anyway! This post is a bit related to this Christmas for several reasons.

A few weeks ago, my in-law, nephew and niece went to binge watch the entire Harry Potter movie franchise (minus Fantastic Beasts since it isn’t finished yet). It was quite amusing to hear because my in-law hasn’t seen the series even if it was finished for a long time now. My brother and I had to answer some of their questions which the movie didn’t explain too much.

Since they finished the films, I asked my niece what she wanted for Christmas. Sure enough, she asked if she can get an Invisibility Cloak. I said no because for one, I don’t know if there is even a replica version of it online. So, she said she wanted a wand. I had to get permission from her mom and dad first before I got her one during my trip in Manila and I got one for 800 pesos. It’s made from either resin or fiberglass, with a metal core.

A few days after that trip, my mum asked me why I didn’t get my nephew one wand too so they won’t have to fight over one wand. Unfortunately, it was too close for comfort for me to order a replica one online and its uncertain if it will arrive before Christmas. So, I said I will make one myself (insert Ollivander’s Theme)

I tried to check some DIYs online, but I ended up making my own DIY for it. Here are the things you will need

  1. 6 pieces of hotdog sticks
  2. masking tape or packing tape
  3. airdry clay
  4. acrylic paint
  5. paint brush
  6. fixative spray

If you don’t have these at home, you can substitute the hotdog sticks with other sticks, so long as it is the appropriate wand length and thickness. You can also try using long candle sticks and just carve the wand from there and paint it. Though, I have not tried this method.

I don’t recommend using metal core, especially if its just for your little toddlers. They are quite heavy and they may accidentally hit their playmates with it.

As for the clay, I used this brand


My friend Cai doesn’t recommend this brand because it may chip off from your wand core or break easily depending on how you make the wand. A small part did get chipped off today from the wand I made but it was remedied with some paint and fixative. I also had to contend with the fact it gets dry and hard to work with as you try sorting the body so you have to be pretty quick when making the wand.

An alternative type of clay you can use for this project is polymer clay.

For the paint, you can use poster paint since you will use a fixative spray in the end. In my case, as you will see below, I used a combination of both.

When you have all of the materials together, here’s how you make your wand:

  1. Assemble the hotdog sticks to form the wand core with the help of a masking tape or packing tape. Make sure you secure the sticks properly, especially the part where you are connecting the sticks in place
  2. Once the sticks are in place, use the clay to form the wand’s features. If you are using hotdog sticks, use the clay to form the body and make it look somewhat cylindrical then add the layers for the handle and the other features of the wand.
  3. When you are happy, have the wand dried for 24 to 48 hours (if using an airdry clay) or whatever is prescribed in the clay you used. Down below is a picture on how it will look like
  4. After drying your wand, get your paint ready. If you will be using an acrylic paint, you should get a color swatch of the wand colors you will follow. In my case, I tried to mimic Harry Potter’s three-toned brown wand. If you aren’t that patient to make your own color swatches, then, get the poster color close to what you want
  5. Once your wand is painted, spray each side with fixative. Using a fixative will secure the paint in place and give it that glossy/legit look. Allow it to dry for a few minutes before it is ready to play

Simple right? Here are some pics I can share you from my own wandmaking exploits! I didn’t take photos of the first part because for one, it slipped my mind.


Here’s how the wand looks like after being layered in clay and dried for 2 days. It looks like a pot because the clay I used is terracotta colored.


Here’s the painting assembly line. I did this at night time because my nephew has a habit of entering my room without warning.


Painting the handle right here. I had to combine several swatches to get this dark brown color from red, yellow and black acrylic.



Breakdown on how I painted the wand under our corridor lights. See how the colors somehow blend together?


Finished painting the whole wand (And as you can see, my swatches are in the background)


Spraying the whole thing with fixative. Best do this when you are outside the house because the smell is quite strong and it lingers. Also spray the fixative carefully because the paint might get ruined if you do it too closely.

The final product was well-received by the adults who saw it. However, my nephew is somehow terrified of it in fear that it is actually a real wand. Even the one I got for his sister, he won’t even touch. Hahaha, maybe after a few days he will.

As for the price of my little wand? Well, here’s the breakdown:

– Hotdog sticks (entire set) 32 pesos
– Clay – 89 pesos
– Masking tape – 42 pesos
– acrylic paint (basic) – 200 pesos
– paint brush – 32 pesos
– fixative spray – 250 pesos
TOTAL – 645 pesos

Comparing the prices, well, its a bit cheap, but again, some of these items can be found at your home so you don’t need to spend much save for the paint, clay or the fixative spray. You can also modify the wand as you see fit if you make it yourself.

I will be making some more wands with my niece again very soon, but for now, the wand I made for my nephew is in their room waiting for its owner. It will be interesting once he does play with it.

Will make one more post before this year ends before I revise the layout of the site!!

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