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[Review] Design Your Life Planner 2019


Another year is ending and 2018 has been quite a weird one so far for me. From how it began, how it went to how it will be ending, it is weird!

However, from the looks of things, 2019 will be quite a busy one for me and I need a good way to take note of all the happenings for the incoming year. This year, I used Starbucks Philippines 2018 planner which was a gift from my aunt last Christmas. It was a good planner and I didn’t skip too many days on it like the other planners I had in the past. While I could opt for the same brand or get a hobonichi (Which I still intend coz I do want the daily planner style again), I decided to get something a bit different this time.

During my search early November for a planner, I found a preview of available planners for the incoming year at and found Design Your Life Planner 2019 by C&S Designs.

At first, I was reluctant to get this planner because of my love and hate relationship with anything that looks too girly or look too pink. BUT, there are several things in this planner that took my interest and eventually got me sold!

Once I got my salary last month, I immediately preordered a copy through their website and it arrived a few days later! Photos below of my thoughts on this unique planner!


This is the Design Your Life Planner 2019 edition, a 2019 Weekly Planner and it is their signature planner. For each purchase, you get the planner and some thank you cards. When I ordered, I also got a mini ruler/bookmark as one of their promos.

If you aren’t really ok with designed planners like this one, you can opt for their Back to Basics 2019 Planner or their Limitless Undated Weekly Planner.


Here’s the closeup of their thank you card. Super cute.


Their freebie pocket calendars. From what I can gleam at, these were printed overseas.


You will also get one sheet of stickers which you can use for your planner. They are pretty small so it will fit on the day spaces.


Inside, you get to have your information listed down just in case you lost it or got into an accident or so. You can also list down important hotlines in the space allotted for them.


So you won’t get lost as to where certain sections are, they also have laminated tabs! YAY!


Quote to live by as you fill these pages with your designs. And hey, you are designing your own life with your choices so make it count!


The first section of the planner is your Goals. What you intend to achieve this year, how do you plan on achieving it and the fears you wish to overcome. I already filled this part actually so hopefully I will be able to do it next year :)


Next comes your events for the incoming year and your wishlist and gift list. All of the sections come with instructions on how you can fill it. In my case, its starting to fill up in the February part of the Events calendar. Hahaha!


If you like making lists of things, like a bucket list, price list and all those other lists, this is your page. I am currently using this section to list my travel goals, must-buy, and price lists for my essentials.


In this section, you can list down the things your appointments and your regular monthly duties. i haven’t filled this part yet.


This page got me sold. The Cash Flow Section. I just wished they made these into several pages because I have loads of expenses and savings to count Hahaha


This page is for your internet accounts… which for me is a lot. Though right now, it is keeping track of my new accounts.


Now we come to the main planner. This page, you can sort out your statement for the month, a photo that makes up this month (I need an instax for this or a good photo printer), what’s in your mind, sleep tracker and so on. Right now I’m using post it to cover the photo section with some important must does for the month.


Beside the month summary is this page, the expenses. Again, I wished the made this into a lot of pages. What if it won’t fit the space?


Here’s an example of the week planner. As you can see, this is the February design. Each month has a crazy design that would even ask you to fill up some of the designs yourself.


At the back of the planner, you get a small travel planner for all your short or long-trips.


And like other planners, you also get a notes page for those extra things you want to consider or look at later while you are on the go.


Where can you get your own Design Your Life Planner? Well, you can check out their official website or check out your favorite Fully Booked, National Bookstore, Powerbooks and Society Eight branches or at Hey Kessy. They accept international orders through their website or through their Amazon Prime page.

My recommendation? Check their website. Aside from the three versions of their planners, you can also purchase essential journal items like stickers, extra pages for your planners, pens and even keychains they sell through their site.

Now that’s done, time to fill up my planner. Seriously, things are looking quite busy next year and I cannot wait!

2 thoughts on “[Review] Design Your Life Planner 2019”

  1. Hi! I’m actually eyeing DYL planners but haven’t bought one yet. Just in case, you need more pages to write down your expenses, you can go to their website because they have the printable version of Expense Tracker page each month. Though, the printable version for the year 2019 is not yet out.

    1. I already saw the expenses tracker for 2019. they just released it. Would have been nice to get a better paper so I can print these pages. Sigh for that.

      Maybe they should make a separate notebook for expenses :)) That would be excellent!

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