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25 years


It has been yet again another long hiatus from me. It is crazy, my schedule! I do not even have a clear sleeping schedule. Hahaha but I am used to it.

This entry is quite special and hey, the title should give you an insight.


This was me when I was performing on my first field day performance for my elementary school. It was the first one we ever held for the school since it was moved from its former location into its current location. The school was unique, a Montessori school, because it was the first one to be ever established in my hometown. Back then, Catholic schools were quite famous and many would like their children to go to these schools. My older brother and sister studied in one of these Catholic schools and normally, I would have gone along the same route. But, when the Montessori school was established, my parents took the plunge and enrolled me to the school.

My mom would often recall how it was difficult for me to go to school. She would recall how I would cry from the house to the school coz I didnt want to go to school. Well, on the offset, I was 3 years old when I was enrolled. Pretty hard to go to somewhere new at that age and separation anxiety was at its peak. She did mention I would eventually quiet down when the teachers and some of my classmates would cheer me up.

At first, my new school was in a small building behind a gas station. I dont recall much about that part of my early schooling, but I would recall times when I would ride a Hi-Ace to that campus and I was also way more in favor with dresses and all the girly stuff than I am now. Today, that building is still there, but mostly used as a warehouse from what I recall.

We would then move to a new campus after a year or so after I entered to a much larger campus situated behind a big mansion. To me, that campus was a maze. It was very big, filled with huge fields and a relatively new structure. Admittedly, we had a very small batch and the school (And us) had big dreams to get it recognized. As we studied, I would recall construction being done and various retrofitting. We would also switch from one room to the other every year because additional classrooms were still being built. My little brother also followed me to the school when he was old enough to study.

Me as a cheerdancer for Golden Kid in the 1997 Foundation Day. Apple cut was my fashion those days.

My classmates were pretty much the same throughout my elementary school years, but we were the largest when we graduated in 2002. Throughout our time together, we had been each other’s first friends, crushes, enemies, rivals and family while we were outside our homes. Each one of us also discovered our talents while studying in the Montessori school, as well as discovered the subjects we hated and wished to ignore. As we grew older, we knew that while we would definitely be separated once we graduated, we knew we would still be connected by this small school we called home.

Meanwhile, our teachers and the school staff kept changing throughout the years but there were those who stood through time until we graduated. One of these pioneers was actually my sister’s teacher when she was in school. Even to this day, this special teacher recalls all the details of my school years (and my older sister’s and little brother’s) and when she starts, you know she still has a lot to say about it.

Me as a muse. I think this was in grade 1. My partner’s name is King and he lives across the street from the school (I think he still does to this day). The dress is actually my grandma’s old dresses. My mum had it modified to fit me. I do love this dress. Quite elegant. Not so sure where it is now though.

Aside from my classmates and the school staff, i have a lot of fond memories when I was still studying in the school. I remember all those times I had took part in academic quiz bees and that one time I competed for the division level. I remember all those field trips to places I have never been to (Nayong Filipino and Museo Pambata). All those times I would walk with my friends Ace and Fill with a plastic bag filled with Pepsi. The time I ended up being asked to take part in cheerleading and eventually, to the Student Council (with the theme songs of ‘Bring it All back’ and ‘Ready or Not’ to name a few). I also recall being a muse for our foundation day celebrations. I also remember quite a few more but I’ll leave that as a thing for me to reminisce in private.

From Foundation Day 1999. I think the theme was floral just like this year :)) My partner here is Lucky. Behind us was Julius and Maricel, Klang, Sharmayne and on the back, Jeanny. Bit too hazy with the details who their partners were.

When I graduated from the school in 2002, I thought I wouldn’t visit anytime soon. But, when I did end up visiting the school (I forgotten why I went but I just went), the school became smaller to me. I suppose that’s what happens when you get used to a larger campus than a smaller one. I remember, when I visited at that time, the musings I had about the time I was there. It was fun to remember those times and knew that the school would stay there.

As the years progressed, students and teachers came and went and as my little niece entered the school a decade later, I saw how the school which I saw as a second home grew to a school that continues to evolve. New infrastructure is regularly added and there are still plans for further expansion.

The performances every foundation day is a further testament that the school is here to stay. When I saw some of my niece’s performances every February, I would often think about the times I was on her place. My niece continues to be skeptical whenever I tell her about it and recently, I showed her pictures. She remains in disbelief. I wonder what she will think when she is in my place.

Of course, I had immediately said yes to attending the 25th anniversary this year since it was a very special celebration. As one of their first students, it was hard to miss out. I even went through high and low to hunt people for it coz they had a raffle for it. Of course, not all were able to go and it was understandable. But, they made the effort to take part in the raffle, which would be used for a new project for the school.

Today was the day allotted for a small alumni reunion and a big family day celebration. It was a very fun event and food was there, but it was very fun to exchange banters with those who have seen the school as a home. I would honestly admit here and now I had shed a tear or two laughing (Ahem, only one was able to amuse me horribly throughout the day. You know who you are my dear. You and your floral ensemble! Hahahaha!).

(L to R): Lucky, Sharmayne, Maricel’s Nanay, Me and Teacher Sally for the 25th Foundation Day

My wish for the school on this very special day is to continue doing what it does best for more years to come: nourishing the youth. As a national hero once said, children are the voice of the future and without the proper nourishment and guidance, they may stray from the right path. The school has helped me build the foundations of what I am today and without them, I may not have been able to flourish in the field I have selected. Hopefully, when we celebrate the school’s 50th anniversary in 25 years time, a grand reunion would be possible for all alumnis.

Until then, I will watch with anticipation how the school will grow from here and I know it is going to be something that shouldn’t be missed.

Normal services resumes next week.

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