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oor loots galore part 1


Well, as promised, I am going to be posting some of the backlogs I have yet to post here for a while. I know some people who have been waiting for me to update but man, life can be such a pain to work with at times.

Then again, what is life if there are no struggles no?

Anyway! I will be sharing to you a little look-sy of my recent OOR merch. Although, by this time of writing, I have sold one of them already in anticipation of my incoming trips out of the country, some other things to purchase and the fact that… yes, my OOR senses are tingling that I have to let go of some before the announcement. Yeah, whoever is sorting ONE OK ROCK’s schedule needs to give us a break.

To business! Captions tell some of the facts you gotta know and why I got them… sort of XDDD


My recent ONE OK ROCK merch: GQ Japan April 2019 Issue, MUSICA April 2019 Issue, Primal Footmark 8, Eye of the Storm CD+DVD and Rockin’ On Japan March 2019 Issue!!


First off is Primal Footmark #8, featuring ONE OK ROCK’s 2018 Highlights up to the Orchestra Tour in October. This is also the issue that contains the highlights from Ambitions Asia Tour (The one I am looking for the most) and Ambitions Dome Tour (GO NAGOYA!)


Pic at the back


First few pages you see this. Yes, this is from the Manila live and sad, its only this and another shot that featured Manila. Nonetheless, hoping next year’s PF will have more Manila.


One of my favorite photos from the book. I want it as a wallpaper… I should scan it!


Pics from Ambitions Dome Tour in Tokyo, regret not seeing skyfall live but maaaaan, I am ok with it!


Pics from Ambitions Dome Tour in Nagoya! Ah memories!


Next up is this Rockin’ On Japan March 2019 Issue featuring Taka. I got this for many reasons, primarily because I have the March 2016 issue (Which also featured him). The photos though… damn!


See what I mean? And ITS A LOT OF PAGES!


Someone sue this guy! The feature article talks about the entire album and how it came about. Taka also talks about other subjects in the interview (Didn’t focus much on the content because man, the pics are distracting!)


Next merch on feature is this GQ Japan April 2019 issue! All I can say that this is one good cover!


The feature mostly talks about the new album and what’s coming up in the next couple of months.



The GQ issue also comes with solo interviews with the boys, talking about ONE OK ROCK and where do they go from here. This interview, particularly Taka’s, was a subject of immense debate for many when it was roughly translated (not going to go on detail with that). But, no matter where the boys go from here, we should wait and see. If they go on a hiatus, man, they deserve it coz they have been at it for a while.


I need this as a wallpaper. Looks super cool!


Next up is my Musica magazine… yet again another solo for Taka. I seem to feel he is making a new career out of this. Not that we’re all complaining. Hahaha!






See? Isn’t he more of a model rather than a rockstar in these pics? Hahaha! The article is again a focus on the album and the band. Can’t give you my take on it because I still am bad with reading kanji.


Finally, its this, the newest album to ONE OK ROCK’s line of albums, Eye of the Storm. Love the cover of this album since it is graffiti (a nod to Ambitions). This one is the CD + DVD exclusive, which comes with the Studio Jam Sessions. My take of the album is pretty simple, it is good mostly but some of the songs needs a little more umph if you get my drift. Taka has said in some of their interviews that the band is experimenting and it is visible with this album.

My favorite from the entire line up is actually Eye of the Storm because it has the whiff what some OOR fans are looking for: A whiff of OOR before 35XXXV, the rocker ONE OK ROCK. I guess the next one I like is In the Stars with Kiiara. Love their blending. The studio jam sessions are good as well, but still, nothing beats We Are on acoustic!

I have sold this copy recently since I don’t really have a CD player to speak with to use it. But I have gotten a signed copy of the American release thanks to one of my dearest friends. I haven’t received it yet but when I head to Canada, I hopefully will be able to take a pic of it and share it here. It would be my second signed album once it happens!

I have missed another merch in this list but I will put that on the next entry when I actually receive it. It’s another magazine and yeah… I do think someone is on the move to be a model in these magazine covers! More back entries to come soon!

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