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Konnichassuuu minnna!!!

Yes, I am still alive and pretty much taking some little time to give this place some love. It has been a few months since my last post and I do apologize if it has taken me so long to update. To my amusement, the place is still getting some hits thanks to my old posts, but I know you guys are after more!

I pretty much have loads of things to share to you guys. First off, welllll this Mei is a new auntie again! Yup! My little nephew was born in January this year and man! It is a rollercoaster ride. My little nephew is born in the US and throughout my sister’s pregnancy, I was mostly in touch with her and even became the only person to ever guess she was having a little boy. I have not seen the little one in person yet, but I have seen him on video call several times. He’s growing up healthy and strong. Truly excited to see him and interestingly, I will see him and my sister’s small family in Japan this coming July. I cannot wait!

Speaking of travels, I will take over another country soon. Yes! I have travelled to Japan loads of times and now it is apparently time for me to do my first solo long-haul flight to Canada! Amusing story it is on how I ended up getting a visa there and I was not expecting that I got a long one. I don’t think I can do a tips guide for it since I was not the one who did my application, but all I could share is that it was like applying for a Japanese visa. The application was all done online, then submitted the applications at VFS Makati and did the biometrics there. VFS will review your applications and every single detail is asked. I actually had to add some details about my work history at the last minute since I was not able to write it when I filled my applications. (They only allotted 3 spaces for work history so I assumed it was not going to be asked). Waited for a good 2 weeks before our passports arrived via mail. To my surprise, I was given 10 years multiple entry though we surmised I was given that long because my passport was recently renewed. My brother’s family (Whom I applied with) only got a 1 year multiple entry visa coz their passports are expiring next year. (Mei’s top tip: before you apply for any visa, make sure your passports are renewed!)

Originally I was supposed to be in Canada by this time I am writing this, but certain issues came about and we decided to cancel this month’s trip. I admittedly was not in a hurry to go coz I originally had plans to go somewhere else. But eventually, after speaking to my sister and my parents, I’ll be celebrating my 29th birthday in Canada (coz that’s the only time its cheap to go! gah why airfare! why!) I will be blogging that time so no worries to anyone waiting for my photo-filled posts! To anyone of my readers who have been to Canada or live in Canada, do send me some of your tips on where to go and what to do in Canada. I’ll be going to Toronto first soooo, any tips will be welcome! After Canada, it is still on a floating status but I intend to fly to Europe first since I want to grant my dream to go there before I turn 30 and thats next year dang it!

Other things? Well, I am still busy with my usual work and getting more jobs at the same time. It’s crazy how my sched can change. But I am trying my best to normalize my schedule since it will be a busy couple of months and I can feel it in my gut. Hahaha! The ONE OK ROCK front is looking like they will give us a headache and heartache by the end of the European leg and wouldn’t that be something. Im actually cleaning my stockpile for some cash because I know it is going to kill my wallet (but no worries, I still have my most treasured OOR pieces and I am not willing to let that go!). Also going to clean my URL links because I recently switched phones and Im getting rid of the ones I do not use.

Next update is coming shortly… and yes, its the backlogs!

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