About Me

Name: Mei Manuel
Screen Name: Hikari Kythe/ Kythe / Kaze/ onetoinfinity
Nicknames: mei, kami-sama, pancake, yui-chan, mei-san, hime, inchou, boss (too many to mention the rest)
Birthday: September 27
Sign: Libra
Location: Manila, Philippines
Nationality: Filipino
Ethnicity: Filipino-Spanish
Occupation: Freelance Writer/Editor, External Contributor and Webmaster
Level/Course: University Graduate, AB- International Studies, Major in European Studies (with French)


How do I look like? Look at the doll, add some pounds and lack of sleep (not to mention glasses are different from this)

Personality: I’m a multitasker and expert strategist, I am more of a loner type as I prefer doing things alone. But I can be an extrovert when needed :)

Likes: plush dolls, anime, Hibari, chocolates, ONE OK ROCK, symmetry, mystery and detective books, ancient history, sleeping, free time alone, star and cloud gazing… the works >:p Oh Oh! I like tea too and I also like surprising people!

Dislikes: quite a lot of things. Hahaha!

Hobbies: dancing, singing, drawing, writing, webmastering, crossdressing (im so good at this when i go serious for it), reading books, sleeping, working, eating, dance-related gaming, image hunting, planning new projects, leading people (whether for a big thing, good thing or a bad thing), shocking people, listening to music, being your one and only writer XD

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