About the Site

Autumn Sky (Akizora) is Mei’s very cool, cute and very interesting hosted blog in the netherealms of the internet.

It is formerly known as Kumori and hosted by Jae of Placid Deranged till it closed sometime around 2011 and Serein (Cloudless Love), which was hosted then by Misaki, my current host under a free plan. Serein became Akizora when I luckily won a contest in Three Words’Forum!!!

The site, after a fierce debate on my end considering I intended this page to be my hub at first, features everything I could think of and write it as a blog. There are reviews, special features, personal entries and the works in this place so you won’t get bored with the variety.

Akizora means Autumn Sky in Japanese. The reason I picked this name up is this domain was given to me a few days before my 21st birthday, Autumn season.

Mei’s other websites is located in the links page of this site. Happy viewing!

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