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2015 Review Mei Style

Konnchasssuuuuuu! Another year has come and go and well, its time I tell you how it went for me. This year has got to be the oddest one I had so far. I don’t know why but everything went chaotic this year. I won’t go into the usual every month scheme. Hahaha, this year, i …

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Hot-Cold December Week

Hi everyone Another temporary break from Mei’s ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila specials. LOL, its getting closer to the end and well, the passion is heating up. With just one month and a couple of odd days in it, its going to be a spectacular concert for me! Anyway, I break the specials spree …

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November Rush

Hey everyone! Mei here to break the ONE OK ROCK specials for a little bit for some personal love!! LOL. I think its appropriate I do break the specials every once in a while for my own wonderings and such.Β Next one is scheduled tomorrow anyway! Anyway, just 2 months left before 2015 leaves us and …

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North to Subic

Hello everyone, Will be posting something completely different this time considering that a day ago, I was carted off to an unplanned roadtrip to the North on this dreary weather. These weather systems are really confusing sometimes, but its a good counterbalance to the sweltering heat. Curse you global warming! Anyway, after a couple of …

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Hello from Baler

Hi everyone! Late on the post but I have some time so lets go! (though my heart is still aching since ONE OK ROCK recently announced in their official fansite (Primal Footmark) that they will be having a concert on the 12th to 13th of September in Makuhari Messe then 29th in Chicago! WHY WHY …

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hallo from mac

Hello everyone! I am currently testing my new computer. My beloved Acer would finally get a chance to get some rest as I finally bought a new one. I did get a desktop as I decided upon (and slightly coerced to do so already considering I’ved been complaining about the lags already of my almost …

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