Want to take a breather and visit some other site I recommend you guys to go visit? This is the page which you can do that!

Here are some of the places I like to visit outside my own mini-realm. Check them out guys because they got loads in store for each and everyone of you!

  • Three-Words Forum [URL: Here] is the forum branch of Three-Words Hosting owned by my lovely host Misaki. The place is quite a family. Of course Misaki has the main site (link here) for all your hosting queries and such. She is such a nice host. Thanks to her I got this place. Hahahaha XD
  • Always & Forever Chasing Dreams [URL: here] is owned by Ysa, a fellow OOR fan and fellow Kawaii Lover :) Check her posts for anything Japan related or her musings on various topics
  • My Random Reality [URL: here] is owned by Kim, another OOR fan and one of my good friends. If you want to read up on sweets, or ONE OK ROCK or anything random that isn’t in my site, you can check her site XD
  • Conquering Space [URL: here] is owned by Dana, another OOR fan and a great blogger I met online. Although its kinda weird I didn’t see her in person even if we were in the same gig. Check out some of her blog entries and photos!
  • Hello Caris [URL: here] is owned by Caris, one of my amusing friends whom I like to speak with each night due to our random talks, Toru spiels and the whatnots. She features several of her works – mostly calligraphy – and entries that will inspire you guys.

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