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hacked + september + work

Hi everyone For the past couple of days, one might have noticed that i have not been updating. That is due to the fact that I got locked out of the system for some weird reason. Some websites have been attacked by some hackers and well, it has caused some changes to happen. I had …

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ramblings for the day

Hi everyone… hahaha, well at least I’m blogging somewhat! Its yet again another week of pure rain and winds, apparently some 4 weather systems are making the country’s weather completely out of shape. Winds here, heavy rains there and Manila submerged! Reminds me soo much of my uni years when I got stuck in two …

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rainy weekend

Hi everyone, blogging! So its been two weeks since the wedding and heck! I feel lazy still. I think the work low is quite hard to take which I am quite amused since last year, I was not that busy till X-mas. But I think this was to be expected since my work is pretty …

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Ode to an Idol

When I was a young girl, I remember channel surfing throughout the local channels to look for something to watch. Eventually it lead me and my family to see Home Along the Riles or Home Along the Railtracks, a television comedy sitcome featuring the one and only Comedy King of the Philippines, Dolphy. It was …

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long blogging

Hi everyone! After one and a half months! I could finally update this blog and Kouryou (which I have sorely neglected) with some of my longest entries! Its been three days since my sister’s family and my grandma left the country and well, the house is slowly returning back to its serene and quiet phase, …

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Hi everyone! I could blog but I like to blog this first before I make a long long long one. Hope you guys could watch and like this video. I am not a fan of the song but I’m doing this for my best buddy! Call Me Maybe Parody At this point… a few more …

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Hiatus Announcements Updates

mei updates sooon

Hi everyone, I was supposed to have a new blog entry now but WP decided to play tricks on me and ate the half of the entry so here is the 411. I will be updating both Kouryou and Akizora once I find a free breathing time from babysitting. Still having the preps done for …

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