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Reviewing Zenmarket

Hello everyone! Mei here for the first post of the month! Hope you guys loved my post about my birthday. I am still recuperating from the slight injury I incurred to myself. Its a bit stiff still but its not unbearable now like last Monday. LOL. Always watch where you are going guys, especially when …

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35XXXV Asian Tour 2016

Sharing the love for this super super cool band! Definitely watching this so to all my Asian fans of ONE OK ROCK, see you there!!!! As to where I will be watching, I might be watching in either the HK or Philippines leg (or both!) Will be announcing that too! I said either one because …

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A!Smart x Japan Lover Me

Hello hello world! Mei will post for the month and it is another review! Seems I am doing a lot of reviews lately but oh well :) I do reckon I will be doing another review for the 2016 Hobonichi Planner with some new twists and additions so if you have anything you want me …

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